What I Ate| 17th April- 23rd April

Hi everyone!
I hope you're all well.

I did a post similar to this last week, I enjoyed doing it, so I'm going to continue doing it regularly, "What I ate last week" blogs.
It has definitely benefitted me, as I can compare each week, for example, this week I ate more, as I felt I ate too little last week, and next week I may eat less, as I may have felt that I've eaten too much this week.

Doing this has really opened my eyes up to as to how bad some foods are, yes, I've always known that pizza, chips and general junk were bad, and large quantities were really bad, but it's mad seeing 500 calories worth of veg in comparison to 500 calories of chocolate, it's actually ridiculous, 500 calories worth of chocolate won't fill you at all, but 500 calories of veg, you'd be fit to bust!!

Quite a few people have noticed my weight loss already, and I can really tell in my clothes, I need to buy a new work skirt already! Seeing these changes really motivates me to continue, I'm genuinely excited to buy new clothes once I've lost the weight, even though it means I'd have to get rid/donate my old clothes.

My fitness has noticeably improved, I can exercise for longer and faster now, without getting out of breath or tired, this is a big deal for me, even though I want to look good and slim, with the weight loss, but seeing the changes in how fit I am, shows an improvement in my health, (even though I am already considered as healthy).

So here is what I ate last week, I've been eating more and allowing myself to eat some 'treats', which I  burn off and more at the gym.

Monday 17th April

On Monday I was at my friend's house, Ellie, and her mum was really nice to make us a really nice lunch of chicken fillets, mixed veg, and jacket potato, I left the majority of the jacket potato but ate all my chicken and veg, unfortunately, I'd forgotten to take a picture of that meal, but you can imagine what chicken and mixed veg looks like. Later on, that evening when I'd gone home, I went to the gym but did more than usual, as I treated myself to some Galaxy Golden Eggs, which came in one of the many Easter Eggs, my boyfriend Aaron got me.

I'm not sure how many calories were in the meal Ellie's mum made me, but it probably has approximately 150-250 calories.
And there were 207 calories in the Galaxy Golden Eggs.

Tuesday 18th April

On Tuesday I had a huge craving for eggs, as you'll be able to tell from what I ate that day.
For lunch, I had four rashers of turkey, mushrooms, and a poached egg, and it tasted amazing.
After I'd been to work and the gym, for my tea, I had another egg, with quorn chicken, which I cooked with garlic, I just ate a small amount as it was late, I don't enjoy eating late, but I have to because of work.

In my turkey rashers, mushrooms and poached egg were 230 calories.
And in my quorn chicken and egg were 133 calories.

Wednesday 19th April

On Wednesday, I didn't really feel like cooking, so I just had a microwavable soup, skinny soup with greens and grains, by Covent Garden. I then went to work, then the gym, by the time I was home, I didn't really feel like eating much, so I just had a KitKat chunky, that came with another Easter egg Aaron had bought me haha.  (Aaron is currently laughing at me, for adding the picture of the KitKat chunky)
In the Covent Garden soup, were 192 calories.
And in the KitKat chunky, were 207 calories.

Thursday 20th April

On Thursday I ate very little but did a shit ton of exercise, some days I go to the gym twice, once in the morning and once at night, I'm actually surprised I exercised as much as I did with such little food.
I had one meal at lunch time of jumbo king prawns, mixed veg, spinach, mushrooms, with garlic, and a dash of soy sauce, this is one of my favorite meals to make as it is so delicious, so easy and filling.

In my meal of jumbo king prawns and mixed veg, were 168 calories.

Friday 21st April

On Friday, I got up extremely early to go to the gym, as I had to get ready to go to the hairdressers, I had my hair trimmed and dyed, I'd been my natural colour for ages, so I just went a couple of shades darker, my natural colour is dark brown, but not extremely dark, the shade I am now is one/two shades away from black. Once I got back from the hairdressers, I didn't have long till I had to go to work, but I was really craving tuna pasta bake, so I made something a little similar, tuna mixed with a little bit of cheese, ( haven't had cheese in ages) and a small bit of tomato puree, I mixed them all together and heated it up, I also had a boiled egg with this, as eggs have been another craving I've had this week.

In the tuna mix and boiled egg, were 235 calories.

Saturday 22nd April 

On Saturday, I went for a spa day with my best friend, Ellie, and it was amazing, unlimited access to the swimming pool, hot tub, steam room, sauna, and the relaxation room, which we took full advantage of, we also had a Swedish Massage, where she massaged my top and lower back, my shoulder blades, shoulders and sides, which was heavenly, and a facial, which was also like a massage, but for our face, neck, shoulders, and chest. Whilst we were there we had our lunch, I had another Covent Garden soup, which was vegetable soup, with brown bread, I also had a mango, pineapple, and passion fruit smoothie, Ellie had a sausage sandwich, with quavers. After I'd been to the spa, I went to my boyfriend's house, where his mum had made curry, which was amazing, I only had a small portion, as curry isn't the healthiest.

In the vegetable soup and smoothie, were 200 calories.
And in the curry, approximately 244 calories.

Sunday 23rd April 

On Sunday, (today) I was still at my boyfriend's house, we had a chill day, visited his Nanan, and then went back to his to watch Netflix together, ( Netflix and chill(jokes)),  and his mum made us our tea, which was chicken, spicy wedges, pasta and a little bit of salad, I had a little bit of each as I knew it was a carb filled, filling meal, but it was really nice, as I haven't had pasta or wedges in ages.
And now I'm home, I'm about to go to the gym, I'll probably not eat anything else today, as we had our lunch at tea time, haha, and I'm still extremely full.

I'm not sure how many calories were in that meal, approximately 300-350 calories, based on what my calorie counter suggests.

And that's everything I ate last week! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my blog, and I hope you have a great week! ^_^