What I Ate This Week. 11th April - 16th April

Hey Everyone!

Recently, I've been trying to eat healthier and lose weight. I decided to document what I'm doing, in order to keep track of what I'm eating and how much exercise I've been doing also.

I've never been slim, but I've never been huge, my health has always been fine and doctors have never told me to lose weight or make any lifestyle changes. I rarely drink ( I can go months without drinking and when I do drink, I'll never drink enough to get drunk), and I don't smoke or do drugs.

However, I do have bad eating habits, for example, occasionally I'll full on binge, it's disgusting and I'd always feel shit afterward, I did this because I'm an emotional eater. I didn't just eat a lot when I was sad, no, I'd eat a shit ton of food, with friends, with my boyfriend, we'd go out to eat, order takeaways and of course a stupid amount of snacks, sweets, chocolate, crisps, all things that are so terrible for you, in large quantities. Completely unnecessary.  Recently, that has completely changed, I don't eat junk anymore, just as an occasional treat, I eat clean and healthy, my boyfriend and I,  cook healthy meals, instead of going out or ordering, even though we are missing Wagamama's, our go to restaurant.

I was never an active child growing up, not that I didn't want to be, just my family issues and such, made it difficult, but I did go swimming every Thursday with my Nan, which I still enjoy, but other than that I didn't really take part in anything. As I got older, I stopped swimming and completely stopped being active, other than P.E at school, which I'd avoid as much as possible, I felt kind of embarrassed and judged by some of the other girls, I was really insecure.
Now that I'm older and have more control over my own life, I now can exercise more, going to the gym, going on long walks/adventures, more active in general.

Anyway,  this is what I ate last week, last week I did have anxiety, which affects my appetite and I end up eating very little. I also drink plenty of water and green tea.

Tuesday 11th April 

On Tuesday I ate very little due to anxiety, and I had one meal, which was cauliflower and tuna, which tuna is great as it is high in protein. I also did workout on this day.
This meal was 229 calories.

Wednesday 12th April 

On Wednesday I had king prawns and veg, 200g worth of prawns, I cooked them with garlic too, tasted amazing.  After I'd been to work, then the gym, I had two quorn sausages, as it was late and I didn't want a proper meal at that time.
The meal of prawns and steamed veg was 156 calories!
and the two quorn sausages was 142 calories.

Thursday 13th April 

Unfortunately, this is another day where I didn't eat much, as I was really busy, just the one meal, which I had tuna and mix steamed veg, however, I did not go to the gym.
The tuna and mixed steamed veg was 177 calories.

 Friday 14th April

On Friday, I started the morning with two quorn sausages, as I had work early that day and I knew I wouldn't have time or a break for lunch. Later on, once I'd finished work and visited my Nan, I went to my boyfriend's house and had one quorn sausage and some steamed veg, whilst he ate a Chinese takeaway, right in front of me.  I also had a FAB lolly too, which was so good. I'm not going to add another picture of quorn sausages as you now know what they look like from a previous day.
The two quorn sausages were 142 calories.
The one quorn sausage, steamed veg, and FAB lolly were 193 calories.

Saturday 15th April 

Saturday was a super busy day,  my boyfriend and I went to Wentworth, we visited the farm, garden center, and these gardens that you can walk in, my boyfriend took some amazing photos whilst there, some are on his Instagram, ( @aj_mason101 ).  On our way home we called into Tesco and got some ingredients for our tea, which was rice noodles, garlic ( A LOT OF GARLIC, WE PUT TOO MUCH IN), king prawns and soy sauce, and it was so amazingly good. Afterward, I had a FAB lolly.
I did not go to the gym, but we did a lot of walking that day.
The noodles and prawns were 283 calories.
And the FAB lolly was 82 calories.

Sunday 16th April (Easter Sunday) 

Yesterday was Easter Sunday, and I celebrated Easter with my boyfriend's family, which was so good, I was so spoiled by how many Easter eggs I got!! (They're going to last me such a long time!). For Easter dinner, I had a starter of prawn cocktail, Aaron's mum let me put my own amount of cocktail sauce on my prawns as it's not the healthiest haha, and for the main meal we had Sunday dinner, I turned down the Yorkshire pudding ( it was a difficult choice to make), and only had one little dollop of mash, even though I love mash, so much. I had chicken breast, carrots, sprouts, green beans, cauliflower, one roast potato and broccoli. I did not finish my meal as there was so much, so I'm not sure how many calories I ate, I tried to make a rough estimate using the app I use, but I still think I ate more calories than what it said.
The prawn cocktail starter was 69 calories
and the Sunday lunch, (estimated) 250 calories.

So that is what I ate last week, I know it's not as much as I should have eaten, but it happens.

Thank you for taking time to read my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day x