My Third / Recent Tattoo 27/05/17

Hi Guys!

Yesterday was the last session of tattooing my thigh piece!

My sessions were on the 12th March, then 30th April and finally 27th May.
The reason why I had my tattoo done in different sessions, I believe it was due to time slots with my tattoo artist and also as this tattoo is so big I don't think I could do it in one sitting and I don't think the tattoo artist would want to tattoo for all that time.
My first tattoo I did in one session and that took 7 hours, I do think I have a really good pain threshold, it's just towards the end of the tattoo being complete and they're tattooing over or near the really tender skin, that I begin the struggle.

I'm not sure how many hours it took in total and I'm not sure about the total price, approximately £450, which I honestly thought it was going to cost a lot more, and I wouldn't really grumble if it did, it's art.
The reason why I'm unsure is that I'd pay after each session and I always feel really tired and warped after being tattooed, I don't know why, because of that I don't remember small factors such as time and price, girl was too excited about her tattoo!

This tattoo is my third tattoo and my most meaningful tattoo, my first tattoo was a pre-drawn tattoo that was available (the lady drew it, posted it on Instagram, and I asked for it, only I have this tattoo, it wasn't one of those tattoos that they give out to multiple people, just me)
I do really like my first tattoo, which is brightly coloured roses and leaves and is on my right thigh, but I do think one day I'll touch it up and add to it.
My second tattoo is a little alien head, which is on my ankle, myself and my best friend got this tattoo together, her alien is on her finger, so it's meaningful to us, we both love tattoos, it's nice just to have that little something that we'll always share.

My third tattoo is the most meaningful tattoo I have, I planned it for so long, I researched and mentally planned what I wanted for years! I looked at so many tattoo artists in different locations, which I liked a lot of them but when I found Tom Ruki's Instagram and his work, I just knew I wanted him to do it and fortunately he's only a train and taxi ride away!

I knew I wanted a huge rose thigh piece, I was about 13 years old when I decided this, I wanted it so bad, I begged my parents and my mum said I could have it done when I was 16 (which even with parents permission, that is illegal here in the UK) I'm so glad I didn't get my tattoos at 16.

And my want for a floral thigh piece stayed with me until my grandad passed away.

My Grandad died from terminal cancer, I was very close to him, as he retired young due to health problems, as child whilst my parents were at work or if we were having family problems, I'd be with him, my Nanna worked, so during the day it would be just me and him, then I began school, he'd take me there and pick me up afterwards, we had a really close relationship.

I was 15 years old when he passed away, which feels so strange to think because it doesn't feel like he's been gone for that long, I'm still extremely sensitive about it, I struggle with grief and I don't cope with it well.

My grandad had a huge passion for building model aeroplanes, and the occasional helicopter, he could build them from kits, he'd build them from scratch and follow blueprints, then he'd proudly fly his hard work with his friends. He loved it.
That why my tattoo is a Spitfire, I chose a Spitfire because he did build model Spitfires, along with many different types of planes, but I chose the Spitfire as it's a lot more badass in comparison to a basic glider plane.

On the side of the plane it says 'Shep', Shep is my dog who also passed away from cancer, he was rather old though, myself and my grandad picked Shep from the rescue center as a puppy, and we must have picked the best dog there, words cannot describe how amazing Shep was, he was so well behaved, so gentle and loving, even though he's a dog, it felt like he had this ability to spread positive feelings towards others, everyone's mood elevated when around him, strangers and people who didn't like dogs, and everyone had nothing but kind words to say about him, his sweet nature was so impressionable on others.  I loved that dog so much.
My grandad and Shep went everywhere together! If my grandad could take him somewhere, then he'd take him, they'd walk for hours and miles together, just the two of them, and anything my grandad had, Shep would have too. Anything my grandad would say to Shep, he would respond in a way that proved that he understood what my grandad said, their relationship together was like no other, they understood each other.
My Nanna always says that Shep and grandad came as a pair, and that's why Shep is written across the side of the plane because they'll always be together.

The purpose of the flowers links in with my grandad too as he did flower shows, there's one picture of him that I always remember seeing when I'd go through my Nanna's photo albums, and it's a black and white photo of my grandad and I assume his friend, holding their award winning plants with their little trophy, looking so happy with himself.
And as I said previously, rose/flower tattoo is something that I've always wanted for myself.
I love colourful tattoos on myself, as I can look down and see something beautiful when I'm sad, I now no longer have a reason to dislike that thigh anymore, as it's covered in such beautiful art.

I've said this so many times, but I cannot get over how amazing this tattoo turned out, I told Tom my basic ideas of what I wanted, and he created something fucking amazing, I'm just stunned by it.
He drew out a stencil for the outline and free-handed the rest, he's just seriously skilled.
My experience with Tenacious Tattoo was perfect, all the artists there are lovely, Tom was more than happy to respond to my messages, and he even tried to help my mum out when she got the tattoo from hell (from a shit place called Chameleon InkTattoos, vile and unsanitary) He didn't have to help or even care, but he did, giving us advice on what my mum should do, just above and beyond his duties.
I also felt so comfortable at Tenacious Tattoo, as for someone who experiences anxiety and is currently going through a rough patch with anxiety, I felt so comfortable, I felt safe, I knew I could trust those around me, everything was relaxed, and welcoming, I just felt really good about being there. I felt comfortable talking to Tom, he just gives that impression that he's very understanding and it felt like he was genuinely interested in what I was saying, it wasn't just shit small talk.
They were also fine with me bringing my boyfriend with me to two of the sessions, they were fine with me bringing my own pillow too, the pillow does help a lot, because you could be getting tattooed for hours, it helps so much to be physically comfortable and it's kind of comforting as it's my own pillow.
I honestly can't praise the whole experience enough, there is nothing bad I could say, apart from that Tom doesn't like dogs.

Tom was kind enough to take some pictures for me, so now you can finally see for yourself how magnificent it is! I'll also add a little video of two clips I got whilst being tattooed!

I will write a diffent blog post about my experience getting my two other tattoos!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! and I hope you have a great day! x

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