OOTD 10/5/17 and a little comment about my blog.

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick blog!

I really liked my outfit today, it was such a super simple, quick, easy outfit, but I felt so good about myself in it, which never used to happen!
Recently, since losing more and more weight, I feel so much better about myself in my clothes, which to me is a huge success, since I used to cover up, and avoid any type of clothing that would make my tummy more noticeable, yes, more often than not, I'm still very much critical about my body and appearance, but now I am wearing clothes that show the shape of my tummy, that are tighter fitting and sometimes I feel good, sometimes I feel insecure, which to me is so much better than before, when I used to just avoid it completely.

So my outfit today was a T-shirt with a skater skirt, which I paired with my leather jacket, black tights, and black pumps.

My top is from Topshop and cost £15, which at full price at Topshop, is pretty cheap!
My skater skirt is from Asos Tall because regular clothing likes to display my privates, and that cost £15 as well I believe.
My tights are the worst tights that ever were, I got them from Primark (a shop I personally don't shop in) and they were £3 for 3 pairs and all 3 pairs have holes in, I haven't even had them that long, spending more money on better quality tights is worth the money, I don't normally get Primark tights, but it was a last minute grab.
My leather jacket is from Topshop and cost £50, I bought that this time last year, so they may no longer stock the exact same one, but they'll most likely have some very similar.
And My shoes are Vivienne Westwood, from Very Exclusive and they were £100.

I also tried out some new makeup products today, that I'd gotten in my Birch Box, and 3 of them I'm not a huge fan of, it's safe to say my makeup wasn't up to standard, but I'm going to list the products I used, and the prices, followed by a picture of my face so you can see, and I'm really going to emphasise that this isn't my best makeup look, I'm going to blame tiredness and those shit products I tried.


  • Primer - Laura Mercier, Radiance primer (Got this in birch box, really like it) 
  • Foundation- Estee Lauder, Double Wear, shade shell, £31
  • Concealer- Collection, Lasting Perfection, shade 1 fair, £4
  • Finishing/Matte Powder- Mannakadar, HD Perfecting Powder (Got this in bitch box, really like this one) 
  • Bronzer- Benefit, Hoola, £24.50
  • Highlight- MUA, Undress Your Skin, shade Iridescent Gold, £3 (so cheap but amazing) 
Eyes/ Eyebrows

  • Eyebrows (The powder I use)- Urban Decay, Smoky Palette, shade Whisky, £39.50
  • Eyebrow Gel- Benefit, Gimme Brow, £20
  • Eyeshadow- Urban Decay, Alice in Wonderland Palette, shade Dormouse, (This palette was limited edition, so I can't find the price, I think I paid £45 for it though, it was definitely £40+)
  • Eyeshadow- Urban Decay, Naked Basics, shade Crave and W.O.S, £24
  • Eyeshadow - Marsk, shade Vanilla Frosting, (Got this in birch box, don't see myself using this very often) 
  • Eyeliner, (lid)- NYX, Matte liquid liner, shade black, £6 
  • Eyeliner, (bottom waterline)- NYX, Jumbo eye pencil, shade Milk, £5.50 
  • Eyeliner, (Under bottom waterline)- ModelCo, Eye define crayon, (Got this from birch box, I don't like it at all, it smears gradually) 
  • Mascara- Doucce, Punk Volumizer, (Got this from birch box, I strongly dislike this item too, the wand is way to big to use)
  • Mascara- Benefit, They're Real!, £20.50


  • Lipbalm- Palmers- Cocoa Butter, Original, £1.99
  • Liquid Lipstick- Lime Crime, shade Salem, £15  

And that's my OOTD.

Today I was thinking about my blog and I just felt like mentioning how truly happy it makes me! I enjoy spending hours upon hours writing, I have so many pre-written blogs that I still have to post, but I just feel like writing a blog post every day! They're building up like mad, I think I have 8 blogs currently ready to post.
One of them is a sensitive one, which I'm a little anxious to post, which is hard to believe since I post a blog post about my attempted suicide, which happened last year, but the subject that the blog is about, I'm more hurt about, than I was about my attempted suicide, this other blog post is basically about my little sister, and I'm scared to post it, because I'm still very hurt about the whole situation, even though it happened 6years+ ago.
So strange that I feel stronger because of an event that happened last year, but still damaged by something that happened over 6 years ago.

Another thing I was thinking about was the people who read my blogs and the feedback I get, which I love so much! I love hearing people say that something that I posted helped them, or inspired them!
I've had a few people tell me that my 'What I Ate' blog posts have inspired them to be healthier and exercise more, even one person at first was making digs at me and was trying to drag me down for counting my calories and eating healthy, now they're trying to better themselves too! Which I think is amazing, regardless of their previous comments towards me. (yes, I get a few people that still disagree with how I eat, but you can't win them all! And it's my body after all!)
People in my family have now started to exercise more and eat better, I even inspired my boyfriend to be a little better with what he eats and fitness, (even though his body is perfect the way it is *little soppy girlfriend moment* but it's true!)
So much positivity has come into my life because of this little blog and I really needed it, oh god, I needed it!

Just a little thank you for reading my blog, I genuinely appreciate it so much and a big thank you to those that give me feedback and respond, (most people respond through my Instagram cammynicolex) The feedback I get motivates me so much.

Anyway! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my blog and I hope you have a great day!! xx