What I Ate | 1st May- 7th May (CHEAT WEEKEND)

Hi Everyone!

This week has not been a good diet week.
Reason one: I couldn't do much exercise for the majority of the week due to having more work on my tattoo, it's not a small tattoo, it covers most of my left thigh, from my knee to my hip, (still not complete), I was advised by my tattoo artist not to get too sweaty with it and to 100% avoid swimming.
Reason two: I went away this weekend and I didn't want to calorie count or care about what I was eating or drinking, my main focus was enjoying myself and creating memories with my lovely boyfriend. Aaron and I, both have very similar likes in food, it's something we do bond over, especially seafood, which you'll soon find out, we had plenty of seafood haha.
Reason three: I'm human. I shouldn't really have to give a reason to indulge occasionally.

I'm kind of glad I had a cheat weekend, as it allowed to fore fill some cravings I've been having, also, I got to see how my body responded to more food, the cheat weekend is tame in comparison to how I used to eat on a weekend, but I've realised I get full a lot quicker, so my stomach has definitely shrunk.
I'm happy to leave delicious food, instead of forcing myself to finish a meal even when I'm full, something I used to be terrible for, and also being content with saying 'no' to amazing unhealthy foods, it may have been a 'cheat day', but I made the subconscious decisions not to go wild, whereas I normally would over-eat. This to me is an important improvement, that I'm not only changing my diet, but my mind set towards food.

I'd also like to point out as I'm writing this, I'm extremely tired, legit just woke up from a nap, even though I spent most of today being lazy, as I experienced my first ever hangover!! The girl who rarely drinks, gets drunk two blogs in a row,  I'm not planning on making a habit of this either!

Monday 1st May 

On Monday I didn't eat very much, it was a bank holiday, despite that I had work during the day and my shift was extended, during that time I did not have a break to have breakfast or lunch.
I don't even recall what time I even ate, I know it must have been kind of late, as the pictures I got were shocking, anyway, I had prawns, mussels and spinach, which were 194 calories.

Tuesday 2nd May

I don't really remember much about Tuesday, I do recall really enjoying my lunch, which consisted of; spinach, one egg, onion, cauliflower and half of a chicken breast. I then proceeded to go to work, I don't enjoy eating late, but I was a little hungry, so I had a small chicken drumstick.

My lunch was 165 calories and the chicken drum stick was 85 calories.

Wednesday 3rd May 

On Wednesday I wanted to mix up what I normally ate, which it does sound like the same food I always eat, but I used tinned chopped tomatoes, to add more flavour and create a sauce type thing.
I couldn't finish this meal, I was so ridiculously full, so I saved it for later and added some prawns.
The meal I had was chicken breast, which I seasoned with paprika and garlic, tinned chopped tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli and onion.

My main meal was 211 calories, which includes the calories for the leftovers, I later added prawns which were 67 calories.

Thursday 4th May 

Thursday was the day I felt it was okay to start exercising again! So as you can imagine, I did a lot of exercise on this particular day, lots of catching up to do! I also ate one meal, which was kind of burnt, not my fault, my grandma decided to talk to me about random stuff halfway through cooking, next minute my food was burnt and I didn't have much time left to get ready for work haha, anyway, for lunch I had one egg, one quorn sausage, chia seeds (which are high in fibre), onion, spinach and cauliflower. It was an enjoyable meal, despite the over cooked bits haha.

There was 202 calories in that meal.

Friday 5th May 

On Friday, I got up early and went straight to the gym! Still had lots of catching up to do.
My lunch was practically the same as I had on Wednesday, chicken breast, tinned chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, onion, and chia seeds.

My lunch was 215 calories.

Saturday 6th May  (CHEAT DAY) 

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I, went to York for the day! (which I plan on making a separate blog post about).  We got up super early to get ready for our 8am train, we wanted to go early, then come home late, so we could enjoy our trip to the fullest, without having to pay £100 for one night in an average hotel.
When we got to York, we went straight to York's Shambles, where we found a cute little cafe sort place, called 'Shambles Tavern', where Aaron and I had a cup of tea, Aaron had a full English breakfast, and I had the veggie breakfast, which consisted of quorn sausages, scrambled egg, beans, tomato, hash brown (which I used to hate, and now I like them), and toast, there was a lot of food, and for someone that doesn't eat much and hasn't been a regular breakfast eater since she was a child, I ate as much as I could, but left some, I defiantly couldn't eat all those sausages and the huge mound of scrambled egg.

Then we did some more exploring, which I'll go into detail in a separate blog.
For lunch, I booked us a table at 'Loch Fyne', which is a somewhat 'fine dining' seafood establishment, which is two things myself and my boyfriend both love, fine dining and a ridiculous amount of seafood. 
I was tempted to get the crab and lobster burger, but I could tell that my boyfriend really wanted to have the lobster seafood platter, which was £70!!!!!! £70 on one platter...  good job it tasted amazing! 
On this luxury platter was one whole lobster, which was cut in half and was rather large and meaty, mussels, clams, langoustines, king prawns, crevettes, and oysters, this was my first time trying oysters and probably my last time, the texture was a huge no. 

After our platter, Aaron and I, decided to share two puddings, one pudding was rhubarb & bramble walnut crumble, with vanilla ice cream, and a milk chocolate, salted caramel ganache, peanut butter cheesecake, which was ridiculously sickly! 

Later on during the evening, after some more adventures, we went to Evil Eye Lounge, for a couple of cocktails, Evil Eye Lounge is the place were I had my first legal on my 18th birthday. It was extremely packed in there, which it was last time, we even had to wait to get in.

 Warning, RANT:
Then after we went to Evil Eye Lounge, we wanted to relax, have a meal with a couple of drinks, not clubbing or anything wild, it wasn't late at all, it must have been something past 6, the shops had just shut, I'm emphasising what time in the day it was, to portray how stupid the next occurrence was.

There's a restaurant chain called the Slug and Lettuce, I went there the last time I came to York, no problems at all. The Slug and Lettuce is basically a slightly better weatherspoons, nothing amazing. As you're aware, Aaron and I were here on a day trip, so I had shopping bags. There was a bouncer at the door of the restaurant, who asked to look into my bags, which would make sense if it was late at night, but the shops had legit just shut in that area, it was so obvious that I'd just been shopping, anyway, this particular guy, only asks to look into my bags, not my boyfriend's, nope, just mine, which the bag he wanted to look in first was my Ann Summers shopping bag.....
I would consider myself to be a sexually open person, I'm not easily embarrassed or ashamed when it comes to sexual stuff, I'm happy to talk about it, I'm happy to talk about my sex themed purchases, because it's 100% completely normal.
Now you know that I'm comfortable about that kind of stuff, this guy managed to make me feel invaded and uncomfortable, if you've ever shopped at Ann Summers, then you'll know that they put a cute little sticker or tape to keep your bag closed, the tape was still on my bag, I had to rip the tape and the bag, so that this guy could have a nice pervy look at my new lingerie and sex gear.
Aaron and I just walked away, fuck that, and fuck that guy.
I 100% understand checking bags for safety reasons, but why only check my bag and why check my Ann Summers bag, why not check Aaron's bag, Aaron had just bought a old horn, which was probably more dangerous that any items in my bag!!
Luckily, my purchases were particularly tame, but imagine if I decided to treat myself to a new vibrator or butt plug! haha.


As we were no longer dining at the Slug and Lettuce, we went to a more classier restaurant, called, D'Vine, this is where I got really drunk and 100% blame for my hangover.
I treated myself to a pizza, which I didn't at all finish, it was way too big, I'd already eaten a lot of food that day also, Aaron had fillet steak, so we finished our trip in there, we ate our meal, then there was a little drama, ( Aaron's crazy ex( no comment)), followed by laughing hysterically at stupid stuff, that I can't even remember what, at least we were having a good time.

After our evening at D'vine, we went for our 22:25pm train back home, Aaron walked my little drunk ass back to York train station, bless him, which I recall crying on the train, because Aaron's step mum left me a nice comment about Aaron and I. and that's how mine and Aaron's York trip ended haha.

Sunday 7th May

Sunday I was a sleepy, hungover, lazy existence.
I was not going to make the effort to diet or eat good, Aaron's mum offered to make us burgers, so we had burgers, she was very kind to get me quorn burgers, which I'd never tried before, which I enjoyed, which was a surprise, since I don't like (beef) burgers.
And that's all I ate on Sunday, I felt like a beach ball, so stuffed, I was going to go to the gym once I was home from Aaron's, but fell asleep instead, now it's 15 minutes into Monday as I write this and I'm wide awake, help.

And that's everything I ate last week, really have to put some effort into next week, especially after all those treats! Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a great day! x