What I Ate| 24th April - 30th April

Hi Everyone!

As I'm writing this blog, I feel like I can't remember the majority of the week, so hopefully, looking through the pictures I've taken, they'll re-jog my memory!

I've decided to improve my blog a little, by including some Youtube vlog type things I've done, they're not amazing, I'm not very good at editing, then again, I didn't watch a tutorial or read any form of instructions on how to use iMovie, I just did things at random and hoped for the best haha, I'm not as tech-savvy as I used to be, which I probably shouldn't admit, as I study media and work in a electronics store!

I genuinely don't know how my diet went this week, as at the weekend I had my lovely boyfriend cook for me on Saturday and then on Sunday we were out all day, as I had another session on my tattoo, which I'm completely in love with, I'll do a blog post on that once it's done! 100% recommend the artist, so talented!  After I had my tattoo done, we went to our local shopping center and went to Carluccio's, the place where Aaron and I first met, so there is a soppy sentimental feel when we go there on date night. After our meal, we went to see 'Guardian's of the Galaxy', with Aaron and his best friend Adam, and Adam's family, (not the gothic Adam's family). I actually enjoyed the film, definitely, one of my preferred Marvel films, as I'm not the biggest fan of all these Marvel films, I do understand why so many people enjoy them though.

Anyway, here's the food!

Monday 24th April

On Monday I had a busy day as I had a lot of college work to do, unfortunately, so I got up early, went to the gym, got ready for the day, then proceeded to do college work, until I had to leave for work, not very exciting but it has to be done, for lunch that day I had scrambled egg and mushrooms, which is a quick easy lunch, great since I had no time to myself haha.
When I got home from work, I still had college work to do, I hate eating when it's late, but I think I really needed it to power through all this boring work, I had one boiled egg ( I always make hard boiled eggs, but on this occasion I made the perfect runny egg, too good), mixed veg and two rashers of turkey. Most of the food I ate was high in protein, which is always a bonus.

The scrambled eggs and mushrooms were 140 calories, ( I had two eggs).
And the boiled egg, mixed veg, and two rashers of turkey were 166 calories.

Tuesday 25th April 

On Tuesday I ate king prawns, mixed veg, with one slice of white bread, I've tried to avoid bread, especially white bread (breadist), but on this particular day, I had a huge craving for it, so I had it, there were 82 calories in one thin boring slice of white bread... 82 calories!! But I can't deny myself all the foods, all the time.
The after work I had one pre-cooked chicken leg, it was one of those roasted chickens, that you can get from the hot food counter in Tesco, I know the breast is better for you, but I prefer the leg!

There were 216 calories in the king prawns, mixed veg and one slice of thin white bread.
And approximately 85 calories worth of chicken leg that I ate.

Wednesday 26th April

Wednesday was the final day for my Media coursework, which by Wednesday, I'd already completed it all, but spent most of my free time on Wednesday making sure it was all okay to submit, so I just had a quick lunch of tuna and veg! From what I remember, I really struggled to finish this meal, not 100% why.
Later on that evening after work I had one soft boiled egg with two rashers of turkey, unfortunately, I completely forgot to take a photo of this, but I've had this meal in previous blogs.

The tuna and veg were 159 calories.
And the soft boiled egg and two rashers of turkey were 144 calories.

Thursday 27th April

On Thursday, I didn't eat very much, honestly can't remember why, but I had king prawns, with mixed veg and spinach. And that's all I ate that day,  which is strange since I did a lot of exercise that day too. Oops.

There were 138 calories in the king prawns, mixed veg, and spinach.

Friday 28th April

Friday was another day which I didn't eat much, yet again, really not sure why.
I had two eggs, spinach and onion for lunch, I attempted to make an omelet, but decided to just mix it all together, it actually was a really nice meal.
I thought I'd have a little practice making a Youtube video here haha.

In the two eggs, spinach and onion were 158 calories.

Saturday 29th April

On Saturday, I had made plans with my boyfriend, for him to cook us a romantic meal, I'd not eaten all day and been to the gym, so I was definitely ready for the gorgeous meal he made us.

For our starter we had Langoustines and for our main we had Lobster Thermidor.
I'm not sure how many calories were in these dishes, however, both lobster and langoustines are low in calories.

My boyfriend is a photographer and took some amazing shots of our meal (He is aj_mason101 on Instagram, in case you're interested in seeing his other work)

Sunday 30th April

On Sunday, I had a tattoo appointment, so Aaron and I got up early and set off to Sheffield, when we got there we got a quick lunch from Marks and Spencers, Aaron got a sandwich and scotch eggs, and I got sushi. My tattoo appointment was at 3 pm and we left at about 6 pm-ish and went straight to our local shopping centre, where we went to Carluccio's, Aaron had a starter of crispy calamari with lemon mayonnaise, which I pinched a few and they tasted amazing, for our mains we both had the seafood linguine, which is my go-to meal option at Carluccio's,  which contains; crab, prawns, mussels, linguine pasta in a plum tomato sauce. After our meal, we went to see Guardian's of the Galaxy vol 2, which we both enjoyed.

And that's everything I ate last week! It was a bit of a treat week, trying to be good again during the week this week too, as I've just booked for Aaron and I, to go to York this weekend, which I want to enjoy and not worry about eating the wrong kind of stuff, as it's not a place I get to go to very often.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a great week! xx