How I Met My Boyfriend


I felt like writing a personal, storytime kind of blog post, so I thought I'd share how myself and my boyfriend met!

The day after my ex and I broke up, I downloaded Tinder, which does make me a little bit of a hypocrite, because I used to mock Tinder, and I'd already had a bitter taste in my mouth about Tinder, since my ex had Tinder.... whilst we were together, yeah, great guy.

Anyway, I swallowed my pride and downloaded Tinder, I got it purely because I wanted to be distracted from the breakup, I wanted attention, I got loads of compliments, I'm aware that people say those things just to try and get in your pants, but it cheered me up haha. I also got Tinder for hook-ups, I had no intention of getting into a relationship through Tinder.

I spoke to many guys, I got a lot of matches, over 600 if I remember correctly and I was picky about who I swiped for, but when I matched with people we either didn't message each other or I didn't respond to them and it did begin to bug me that my phone was constantly buzzing, not to sound like I'm blowing my own horn, but having various guys constantly messaging you is annoying and exhausting.

I would start talking to guys, then add them on other social media, such as Facebook, and Snapchat, the guys I'd add on Snapchat would send me nudes, sometimes I'd send them back, since I was going through a slut phase, and if they were lucky, I'd go on a date with some of these guys, which I have many funny dates fail stories, and I have a few fail hook-up stories, because I did some unsafe stuff, such as going to a guys house when I'd never met them before in person, I'll share those stories in a different blog post.

After a month of being on Tinder, I was over it, I felt like I was being treated like an object and I was fed up with having to keep up with replying to different guys and girls, remembering who said what, there were so many times where I said the wrong thing to the wrong person, I didn't have time to go back and re-read messages.
So I stopped using Tinder as much, I'd use it when I wanted to and more casually, I stopped hooking up with guys, and if a guy or girl spoke to me like an object, then I'd just unmatch them and I didn't go out on as many dates.
That's when I matched with Aaron, I never message guys first, but I did with Aaron because I really liked his bio, it was just about himself and his interests and I liked that, it wasn't the usual cheesy or pretentious Tinder bio, he seemed like an interesting person to talk to, and I was right, Aaron to this day is the most interesting person I know.
I actually didn't say anything to Aaron the first time I messaged him, I sent him a GIF, of a bear waving and it said hello on the GIF,  and it didn't take long for Aaron to reply, he sent me a GIF back of a dog, and it said 'canine help you', which I love dogs so I was amused by that and we sent a couple more GIFs before actually talking, we shared basic information about ourselves, he told me that he worked for his dad and that his job involved a 'cherry picker', I knew what a cherry picker looked like, but I didn't know they were called cherry pickers, so when Aaron told me he used a cherry picker, I assumed he picked cherries for a living...
He doesn't pick cherries for a living, he's an engineer.

Aaron and I talked on Tinder for a little while, we then added each other on Snapchat and Facebook, we talked through there regularly, and very soon we arranged a date, the date was very last minute, I was getting ready for work when we arranged to meet that night, a Monday night, so just before I left the house for work, I quickly packed a change of clothes, that's how last minute this date was.
Aaron booked us a table at Carluccio's, he tried to impress me with Carluccio's, but I'd already been a couple times before, luckily for him, I love Carluccio's and I was excited about it.

Because I was in a rush, I didn't have time to get dressed up like I'd normally do for dates, I had makeup on but it was basic, my hair was just straight nothing fancy and I threw an outfit in my bag that wouldn't crease and that I could quickly change into after work, I was going straight to Carluccio's from work, and my outfit was basic, nice but not what I'd wear for a date, a black vest top, and a high-waisted black leather mini skirt.
Aaron was so dressed up in comparison to me, he looked so good, he wore black jeans, a white polo neck jumper with a brown leather jacket, I remember feeling so embarrassed about how underdressed I was! But I low-key was happy that my vest top showed my cleavage haha.

My first impression of Aaron was that he was well dressed and that his voice is so deep, I didn't expect his voice to sound like that, I even told him that when I first met him. 
We sat down for food and the conversation flowed the entire night, Aaron did talk about himself a lot, which on previous dates with other guys, they've talked about themselves a lot and it annoyed me, but with Aaron I didn't mind at all, because I was interested in hearing what he was saying, I wanted to hear more!
We laughed the entire date, no awkward silences, great food too! It honestly felt like I was on a date with a boyfriend, because it was just so natural.
When it came to getting dessert we couldn't decide what to get, so we got two desserts and shared them both, something I've never done on a first date before.

The night went on, time flew by, then we realised that the restaurant was actually shut and they were waiting for us to leave, Aaron kept trying to pay for me, but I don't do the whole 'guys pay for girls' bullshit, so I paid for myself, even when I went to the bathroom before leaving, Aaron tried to put the money back in my bag, but I realised that he'd put it there and I gave it him back. He tried though, bless him.

We then walked to the train station to get the last train home, yes it was rather late.
Before we went to our different platforms, Aaron asked if he could kiss me, and obviously, I was down for kisses, so Aaron leant in, putting both of his hands on my face and I'm not saying this because he's now my boyfriend, but that was the best first kiss I'd ever had, it wasn't awkward or weird, it was actually really romantic, unfortunately, the kisses had to end, because my train was due.

But we quickly arranged a second date for that weekend! We planned to go for shopping and food, and for us both to sleep at his dad's house afterward.
We went to Wagamama's for our second date, which is one of my all-time favourite restaurants, same again, felt so natural, the conversation was flowing.
We then went shopping, we went into HMV, because Aaron is obsessed with films, and whilst we were looking at the Blu-rays he kept putting his arm around my waist and stroking me, which had me swooning.
And because I knew I was going to be sharing a bed with Aaron that night, I insisted that we went to Ann Summers so that I could wear new lingerie when with him, I love getting dressed up for sex, I feel it makes it all a little more erotic.
Anyway, we left and went to Aaron's mum's house and that was the first time I met his mum, but I wasn't there long, as she took us to Aaron's dad's house, as his dad was away and we could get some privacy.
As you can imagine, I wasn't at Aaron's dad's house very long till I slipped on my new lingerie, and that was the first time we slept together, our second time meeting in person.
I'm not going to go into details about the sex, but it felt right, it was like having a romantic connection with a partner, not the first time having sex with someone.
I just asked Aaron what he thought of the first we had sex and this what he said 'it felt absolutely perfect, like I was right where I needed to be and like I didn't want to be anywhere else in the world', he also cuddled me afterwards, which none of my exes did the whole cuddles after sex thing and neither did the guys I hooked up with, it was so nice to be cuddled, I remember feeling so wanted and loved, this was the second time I met Aaron and he was already treating me better than any other my boyfriends ever did.

He then put on my favourite film, which I was really impressed that he remembered, we watched Labyrinth and ordered a dominos. 
We spent the night together, talking, drinking, having a laugh, having more sex, just really enjoying each other's company, when we eventually went to sleep we cuddled all night and I remember feeling so happy, even now we still cuddle for most on the night! 
The following day I met his dad, step-mum and little brother, and they were really welcoming, I did feel it was a little weird that I was meeting his family so soon, but it still felt normal. 

That was how Aaron and I first met, it'll be a year in mid-August that we met each other, we saw each other every weekend since our first date, we'd see each other whenever we could and it's still like that now. 

So nearly a year later and I'm still in awe of Aaron, I still swoon for him, Aaron and I have never felt this way before, towards anyone, I thought I'd been in love before but I clearly wasn't, because what I feel for Aaron, I have never felt before, I feel connected to him in every way, what we have is spiritual, and I do believe that I truly love him and I know he feels the same way about me.
We've both had shit relationships in the past, I feel like because of the shit we've been through in the past, we both can really see when we've got something good.
I can't imagine life without him, the year I've been with him has been perfect, and it just keeps getting better and better, I'm so excited about our future together.
Honestly, I'm such lucky girl, Aaron is the biggest support I have, he encourages me in a positive way, he there to listen to me regardless of what I'm saying, he helps me with my anxiety and depression, he understands me, he's so kind and generous, and I could list a million reasons why I love Aaron and how great he is.
I'm not wanting to get too soppy because I'll probably do an anniversary blog post.

To end this blog post I thought I'd share some pictures of Aaron and myself together, our first selfie together, some more recent ones and any in between!

The first two selfies are the first two we'd taken together.

 Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed hearing about how Aaron and I met, I'm looking forward to writing more blogs about our future! xxx


  1. This is beautiful babe I love it ❤️ Very well written, I love you too!