OOTD 10/06/17 & 11/06/17


I thought I'd share the outfits I wore this weekend, I really like them and the style.

This weekend my boyfriend came to my house, we normally go to his, but he came over to see Wallace properly and take some cool shots of him!
Saturday night, Aaron cooked me a lovely meal, which I'll write about in another blog post, so I wanted to get dressed up for him.
Sunday, we just chilled, the only reason I got dressed up on Sunday, was because we went out for food, nowhere fancy, and I also wanted to show Aaron my new dress.


Before I tell you about this outfit, I just want to declare that this entire outfit is second hand!(Excluding underwear, and shoes, since I didn't wear any shoes inside my house)

I used to be so put off my second-hand clothes, I'd never go into a charity shop (apart from the one I worked in, even then, I didn't shop there) I was so funny about it, I wanted to buy all my clothes new and had zero interest in charity shops.
Until I began dressing more vintage again, reproduction vintage clothing is expensive, beautiful, but so expensive!! Look online at second-hand authentic vintage clothing, can also be expensive, so I went to the charity shop in hopes to find something vintage or of a vintage style!

I also went to eBay, where I found a Collectif skirt (Collectif is a somewhat pricey vintage reproduction brand, I love their clothing, amazing quality, I've bought from there before, which you can see in my older OOTD blogs) This skirt was in brand new condition, the description claimed that she'd worn it once, which I can believe, since the dress is immaculate! Such a steal!

Anyway,  my outfit!

My top was this delicate white cropped blouse/shirt, which ties at the front, this kind of top may have a special name, I'm not sure, the brand is Classics by Debenhams, I got this from the charity shop for £1.85, I picked it out intentionally to wear with that skirt.

The skirt is a high-waited navy button up skirt, the fabric is so thick and feels so nice to wear.
This is the on I got from eBay,  it came with another skirt, but I don't like that other skirt, I bided only for this navy skirt, so I've got this red skirt that came with it, that's awful.
I won the bid at £4.74 + £3.40 shipping, £8.14 for two skirts, the navy skirt alone is worth way more than that!

And for that final touch, a navy belt, I also got that from the charity shop, legit perfect condition, no wear marks or anything and 49p!! 49p for a perfect belt! Cannot complain!

I'll now show you my outfit and my makeup, yes, you can see my bra through my top, it was the lightest bra I owned, all my bras are red or black. My bra is from Ann Summers, for those that are curious haha.


This is the outfit I wore on Sunday, this outfit is not second-hand, I bought this from their website.
I wore a 1950's style dress, which is a darkish green with polka-dots.
This dress is from Collectif, it was £70, £26 in the sale when I bought it, but I just checked the site and it's now £17.50! That's crazy and I'm a little sad that it wasn't that price when I bought it, but regardless, it's a beautiful dress.

When I left the house I just wore this with black pumps, as the weather was hot and I didn't want to be over-dressed.

Thank you for reading my blog! I'm always trying to find new ways to find vintage pieces or find ways to make my outfits look more vintage, if you know any tricks or tips or any sites that do beautiful vintage clothes, then please let me know through my Instagram: cammynicolex


  1. Your blog is coming along incredibly well! Really proud of you babe ☺️❤️