OOTD & Mini Haul 4/06/17

Hello Everyone!

Today I went to Sheffield with my boyfriend, we went because we wanted to do something a little more exciting than just chilling together (although we love to just snuggle up and have lazy days together), but also Aaron was trying to encourage me to get out of the house because my anxiety has been awful, just awful, I'm exhausted, I cry a lot, I'm sleeping loads or not at all, at this moment in time I could easily stay in bed and cocoon myself from the world, unfortunately, I got bills to pay and not leaving the house would be terrible! Anyway, we wanted to get out just to ease me back into things.

I really loved my outfit today! My dress was simply beautiful, however, my makeup was not, I've got hayfever, so my eyes just watered whilst I was putting my makeup on and it didn't sit well, and once we were outside my eyes would not stop watering, causing my eyeliner and mascara to smear, it was frustrating, also, my hair was not staying curled, good job my outfit was bomb af!

I love vintage clothing, I think it's so beautiful, I used to own more vintage style clothing but I'd feel shy about wearing them in public, so I eventually threw them away, regrets.
As I've gotten older I've stopped caring about what people think of my clothing and have started investing in more vintage clothes! And it definitely feels like an investment since they're so expensive *sobs*

What I Wore Today

My dress is from Collectif and was £69, and it is really worth every penny, the quality is incredible, the fabric of the dress just feels amazing, it's a real luxury! The dress also came with a matching belt, which is also beautiful! I own other items from Collectif and they're amazing quality too, 100% recommend. My boyfriend also loved this outfit too, which is also a little bonus!

The shoes I wore, were my Vivian Westwood black pumps, which I've mentioned in a previous OOTD, and they were £100.

The weather was nice today so I didn't wear any tights and I did bring a jacket just in case, but it did but didn't match my outfit, it looked fine together, but the styles were completely different haha.

We literally missed our train home by 3 minutes, as I decided to spend ages hunting through my bag for food, because I knew I had some snacks in there and I wanted to give them to the homeless man, he didn't ask for anything, and he looked like he needed it, what I had in my bag was 'nakd' nibbles snack, which is vegan and one of your five a day! I also gave him some money too, I personally prefer to give food as there is that awful but occasionally true stereotype of the money going towards something bad, such as drugs and alcohol. It felt so good to give him the food and money, his face lit up at the sight of food and of course, he thanked me for the money, and he wished me well, makes me appreciate what I have more, a little snack I had in my bag made that man so happy.

Anyway! Since we had some time to kill, Aaron and I did a little bit of shopping in the train station's Superdrug and Marks and Spencer's.
So I might as well do a little mini haul too! As I've bought some items I haven't tried before! I'll include prices too, most of the items were on offer too! 
(Apologies for the shit pictures, I'm very sleepy, currently writing this blog to relax and distract my mind)

This is the first item I got, which is a dry shampoo, I personally use dry shampoo for a little extra volume and because I don't wash my hair every day, as that's terrible for your hair! I personally wash my hair every other day or every three days.
I've tried Co-Lab before and I'm still not sure how I feel about this brand, I haven't tried this exact one though, the one I'd tried previously was just the basic fresh one, I think. This was £2.32. 

I got a pair of false eyelashes, as I'm huge fan of false lashes, however, I always get 'Ardell' lashes, the wispies ones, because I trust them ones and they always look amazing but they're £5.50 per pair, which isn't terrible, but I end up wearing them once and ruining them or losing them, so I thought I'd try a different brand, This brand is called 'Kiss' and I've never heard of them before or tried any of their products, but these lashes look amazing, they actually look better than the Ardell lashes, but I haven't tried them out yet, so I'll have to let you know! They were on offer at £3.99, normally £5.99.

And I got another pair of lashes! Yet again, I've never tried Superdrug's own brand lashes, I'm worried they'll be shit, but they look good in the box! I'm picky when it comes to lashes! But I was clearly in an experimental mood today! These were £2.77, so even if I wear them once and don't like them, it's not a huge loss. Curious to see how they compare to branded lashes.

I also got a pair of tights! I'm going to call these the ghetto tights, as I saw them in the clearance section near the till for 10p... 10p!!!! It claims that they're damaged, but the only damage I can see is the packaging, I haven't tried them on yet, but even if they are damaged, they were 10p, I'll live. 
I'm terrible for buying tights, because I always wear them, but ALWAYS forget to buy them when I need a new pair. 
UPDATE! There's nothing wrong with these tights! Fit great and are really comfy! 
I got some skin, hair, and nail vitamin supplements, I've never tried these before either, so I'm excited to see if these actually work!
I was really cheeky with these, my boyfriend was buying himself some multi-vitamins and I noticed it had a 3 for 2 deal on, so I ask him if I could have the free one and he let me, bless him, so I picked these because I contemplated buying something similar before. 
They would have been £7.99 but were on a 3 for 2 deal.

I also went into Marks and Spencer's, I love their jelly sweets, they're my favourite! I grew up eating Percy Pigs! 
Colin the Caterpillar is suitable for vegetarians, but not vegan as it contains beeswax.
I'm really unsure about the Percy Pig and Pals, as the ingredients suggest they're vegetarian, as there's no gelatine and I've googled some of the ingredients and they're not animals, I just think it's strange that they're not advertised as vegetarian-friendly, it doesn't have any warnings either, I keep looking at the back of the packet, I can't figure out what it is that makes them not vegetarian, unless I'm being really blonde about this. 
Anyway, they were 2 for £3!

And that's my little haul over!

I hope you enjoyed my OOTD and mini haul! Thank you for reading and have a great day! x 

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