What I Ate | 24th June 2017


Just a quick What I Ate! 

This weekend my boyfriend and I were at my boyfriend's dad's house and when we're at his house we like to take advantage of his kitchen, also when Aaron and I are at his dad's we tend to have more alone time, this weekend, for example, we were babysitting Aaron's younger brother and whilst his little brother was playing his Xbox or watching a film, we got the opportunity to cook together and relax. 
At my house, there's always people in and it's same for Aaron's mum's house, as much as we love the people there, sometimes it's nice just to be the two of us (yes, Aaron's little brother was there, but he was a different room, we kept checking on him, fed and watered him).

Our weekend was rather relaxed, Aaron and I were talking business ( I'm not mentioning anything else yet, but we're tossing around ideas, you'll know if anything exciting does happen and when it does eventually happen), we watched a film, then went to bed, and Sunday was a lazy day too, we saw some baby birds, which I'll insert a picture Aaron had taken towards the end of the blog.

What We Ate

Aaron and I cooked two different dishes for each other, Aaron cooked char-gilled king prawns and I made a Chinese curry, we also had two sides of rice and garlic bread.

Aaron had huge raw king prawns, which he cooked them with their all shell and head still attached, he flavoured them garlic, and cajun spice and he also used a griddle pan.
They tasted really nice, they had a very smokey BBQ taste to them, which isn't my favourite taste, but they were still enjoyable, Aaron's prawns always taste so good! 

I made Chinese curry, which Aaron had never had before, I don't know what Aaron was expecting to taste but he was pleasantly surprised, he loved it and wants me to make it more often, which is fine by me because it's so cheap and easy to make! 

I chopped up onion, garlic and mushrooms into a frying pan, when they'd cooked a little and began to change colour, I added a couple of chopped chicken breasts, I then added the sauce once the chicken was fully cooked, it was a shop bought sauce, which is what makes this dish so easy, it's barely cooking! Annoyingly, I can't remember the brand of the sauce, it's 49p from Herons, it's frozen, in a plastic bag packaging, and it just says 'Chinese Curry', I believe, then I served this with microwave rice.
Super Easy! And genuinely tastes like takeaway Chinese curry!  

This was our table layout, we don't normally eat this much food and we didn't finish it all. 
The following day we went back to Aaron's mum's house and his Nanan was there, we sat and talked to her and she informed us that she had a birds nest in one of her bushes and that it had baby birds inside, Aaron immediately wanted to see these baby birds, for photography purposes.
I just want to mention we were near these birds for less than a minute, we did not touch them, we did not disturb or scare them in any way. 
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Bye! x 

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