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I thought I would share the wonderful meal Aaron made for me this weekend.

Aaron is very passionate about cooking, especially seafood, so occasionally he'll invest in some gourmet produce, such as live Cornish lobsters.

Every time he goes all out and cooks me a meal like this, it's very clear how much his skills improve each time, this meal, in particular, was out standing, the lobster was incredible, not only the lobster but how Aaron seasoned and how he added more flavour to the lobster was also amazing.
I was a little nervous that I wouldn't like it, since he added red chili's into the butter he used on the lobster and I don't like chili or spicy food, but the amount he put in was perfect, just enough to add that perfect kick.

What we had for our meal were lobsters, they were live Cornish lobsters, as they were alive, we froze them so that they were knocked out completely before cooking, we did not want the lobsters to feel any pain during the process, hence why before cooking and freezing, we kept them all in a relaxed, cool environment.

I've had a few people be weird with me about having 'live' lobster, they don't agree with seeing the animal alive before eating, all of the people who made these comments were meat eaters, they all eat meat daily, all kinds of meat, and most likely the meat they eat is not free-ranged.
I will never tell anyone what to eat, it's their lives, but don't make comments about what I eat, if you're eating animals that are abused.
Personally, I'd rather know how the animal was treated before death, rather than just being completely ignorant.

Our starter was Rock Lobster, we had half each, from what I remember, this is the one that Aaron added the chili too, I should probably mention now that I was drunk, I remember most things, but things may be muddled.
The Rock Lobster weighed 1.5kg.

Then we had our main of Cornish Lobster's, we had one each and they weighed 2lbs.
I can't remember what he added to these lobsters, but they tasted amazing, they were huge.
Aaron served his lobsters with garlic bread, probably because I like garlic bread.

I also vlogged the night too, we didn't vlog most of it, as we ended up spending time with Aaron's dad and step mum.

The outfit I wore that night was from Collectif.

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  1. Just a recommendation but for a video it would be cool if you and your boyfriend both spoke about your previous relationships. Obviously if he'd be willing to do it, food looked amazing and your dress was beautiful!

  2. Haha, no, that would be a very short video, we'd just say they were awful and it'd be over! I don't mind briefly mentioning my exes in blog posts, but Aaron's exes are none or my business, I know everything that happened in their relationship, but it'll never be my place to share, and Aaron would rather leave that in the past, it's not good memories for him, why look back when he can look forward to better things, better people? right? The food was amazing! I'm a very lucky girl! and thank you, it's from Collectif, recently I've been loving vintage style outfits! xx