What I Ate | Lobster tails and Tomato Langoustine

Hey Everyone!

I'm extremely behind on blogging as per usual, this past week I've been staying at my boyfriend's house, which has been lovely, but it also means I've continued to neglect my blog, I have been looking into buying a blog template and domain.
I'm keep telling myself that I'm going to get my shit together but there's always something, I've got a cold coming on and I'm having a tattoo on Saturday, so that's something which may be another excuse to be a shit blogger ^_^ 

Anyway, I've taken a shit ton of pictures for unwritten blog posts and I've disappointed Aaron by being super slow uploading this blog post, as it's his wonderful cooking! 

He made me a starter of Lobster Tails, the meat was raised from the shell of the tail, he mixed butter with garlic, dijon mustard and chilli flakes, I don't like mustard or chilli, but the way Aaron combines the flavours makes them all taste amazing! That even I enjoyed them! 

The langoustines also tasted amazing! 
They were cooked and served with tomatoes, the tomatoes were from a tin, plum tomatoes drained then chopped, he added bread crumbs, garlic and chilli ( these are the ingredients I can remember from the top of my head ) 
I don't like tomatoes all that much, but I could eat this all day! Deliciously infused langoustines, with tomatoes that I'd scoop onto a piece of garlic bread, uhhhhh it was so good, I wish you could taste my blog pictures! 

Aaron has been cooking a lot of seafood recently, last week he cooked chilli langoustines and salt and pepper prawns and they were so good! On Friday, he cooked salt and pepper king prawns again, and yesterday (Sunday 29/10/17) he cooked me half lobster, which was also amazing. 

I'm very lucky to have a boyfriend who loves cooking for me, and I suppose it's a good job that I love seafood! ^_^ 

Thanks for reading guys! 

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