Pros and Cons of Tinder

Hello Everyone!

I've made it clear in previous blogs before that I once had tinder, just for over a month, but still that was a month and half of my life that I had Tinder.

I've also mentioned before that I met my wonderful partner, Aaron, on Tinder.

I also want to mention I haven't had Tinder in over a year and a half ( I've been with Aaron a year and a half), so I don't know if Tinder has changed or if it even looks the same.

I have a fair few negative things to say about Tinder but also a few positive!


  • Based on my own experience, 90% of the guys were just there for sex, the conversations I had with them did not last long and it did not take long for me to 'unmatch' them. 
  • You occasionally get spoke to like an object, not to sound judgemental, just you can kind of tell which guys are going to talk 'at' you (these guys also just want sex) these guys tend to be very muscular, have the very stereotypical 'good looking' guy look (not what I'd personally consider good looking) I'm not doing a very good job of describing them, I think Geordie Shore looking would be a good way of describing them, YES, some of these guys will just assume you will just offer yourself to them, then get offended when you say no. 
  • A lot of people that you 'Match' with, you don't even talk to.
  • The same guy will continually 'Super Like' you, a guy that I'd seen a couple of times on the bus but I've never spoken to him and I'd avoid eye contact with him, but he'd super-liked me multiple times and I declined every time, some guys don't get the message. 
  • The guys that don't ask for sex, but want to know what you do in the bedroom, what you like in the bedroom and all the sensual things you're going to do to him, and that's it. 
  • CATFISH, of course, there are Catfish on Tinder, I was 'Catfished' but I knew I was being catfished if that makes sense, basically, this super hot blonde girl matched with me, she looked like a model, she immediately wanted me to add her on Snapchat, so I did, (I knew already that it was a picture that she'd taken where from else where) and you know how you can send pictures through the message section, that was the only way she would 'snap' me, she then began to ask for nudes and I said I wouldn't send them until she sent me a proper snapchat of herself(knowing that she couldn't), she said she understood and we never spoke again, she's sent me Snapchats since, the annoying ones that people send to multiple people at once, and it turns out she lives in the same village as Aaron.... And she's not a 'skinny' blonde model, but a chubby brunette. 
  • Guy's who don't say 'hello' but send you a short story worth of sexting. 
  • A stupid amount of small talk, that's very dry and boring.
  • Guy's that ask you out on a date, despite you showing lack of interest throughout the conversation.
  • I was actually terrible for this, but forgetting what you said to who or saying the same thing twice, or getting people mixed up, I remember asking someone about something and they were so confused because I'd mixed them up with someone else.
  • Your phone will constantly be going off, this pissed me off so much, I hated having a new text message every minute, I'm rubbish at texting as it is (unless you're Aaron, I'm good at replying to him) I just couldn't be bothered to respond all the time, I often forgot to reply all together and never spoke to them again. 
  • I remember arranging dates and cancelling them, it can be overwhelming, the first week that I got Tinder, I had a date planned for every day that week, I cancelled them all apart from one, and the one that I went to was with a guy who was a bit of a knob head, who got a little obsessed with me, when myself and Aaron had been together 6 months, he was still checking up on me, 'You still with that guy?' you mean Aaron? yes, I am still with him. 
  • I think I could go on, but I'm not going to talk about the other awkward dates and strange hook-ups and just leave the cons at that! 
  • If you have low self-esteem, it does give you a little boost, as so many people are showing interest in you and constant compliments, it helped me in that respect, I thought that people weren't attracted to me and it taught me that a lot of people are attracted to me (this excludes the guys that matched with me expecting sex, they'll swipe for everyone) I'm on about people who I did have a nice conversation with and who seemed genuine. 
  • You do talk to some nice people and have interesting conversations.
  • I got Tinder after a break-up and it completely distracted me from what happened or what was going on.
  • If you're lonely, you'll always have someone to talk to on Tinder.
  • If you're not very good at approaching people in person or flirting in person, Tinder makes it a hell of a lot easier. 
  • You learn a lot about yourself, I learnt a lot about how I allow people to treat me and I changed the way I allow men to speak to me, I was a lot more 'submissive' beforehand, arguably, naive. I'm no longer like that. 
  • You'll learn a lot about other people, it was a real eye-opener. 
  • AND THE MOST IMPORTANT, I did meet someone incredible on Tinder, when I downloaded Tinder, I never thought I'd meet someone, I did not think I would get a relationship with Tinder, Tinder is known as a hook-up app, it's not a serious dating app, such as plenty of fish or (the only dating app I have used is Tinder) but, I met Aaron on Tinder, I'd never even been to the village that he came from, despite it being 5-10 minutes away, I would have never met Aaron, we most likely wouldn't even bump into each other, and we're both the kind of people that wouldn't approach people in public. Aaron and I will be celebrating our second anniversary this year, and I've never met anyone who can make me feel the way he does.
As much as I don't like Tinder, it does hold a special place in my heart, because Tinder brought myself and Aaron together. 

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  1. I've only just entered the world of Bumble and I make preemptive strikes against guys who seem weird by not swiping right or speaking to them. Has worked well so far! Been a pleasant experience more or less.

    Rachel ||