YES! You heard correctly, cheesecake filled Easter eggs!

It’s now Easter time, spring is here, the snow is gone THANK GOD! 

The Easter holidays are also here! (I know this because the demons my sister made are off school) 

Cheesecake filled Easter eggs is a fun activity you could do with your children, friends or in my case, I made them with my partner, Aaron. It’s super easy and delicious! 

There are no high heats involved (other than melting butter, I did that in the microwave) and there are no knives involved (unless you chose to use a knife to break the egg in half), so it’s pretty safe for all ages! 

I also want to mention that I made a video of myself making these, so if you're want something more visual, then I'll add the video to the end of this post!

So here is what you’ll need is!

For the filling:
  • Cream cheese 600g (I used Tesco value soft cheese, this works perfect, it did make a lot of mixture, using half would probably fill two half of an Easter egg) 
  • Double cream 284ml (Yet again, half this amount if you do not want a lot of mixture 
  • Icing sugar (I just put this to taste, if you want it to be sweeter or not)
  • Vanilla extract (I probably put just over 2 teaspoons in, of course, this is another ingredient that you could just add to your personal taste) 
For the biscuit base: 
  • Digestive biscuits (if you want a thick base, then add more biscuits, if you want a thin base, then add less) I find adding measurements for this sort of thing pointless, as we all have different size tins and preferences 
  • Butter (more butter you add, the ‘harder’ you base will be, the less butter you add the more crumbly your base will be) I used Lurpak. 
ALSO, you’ll need a chocolate Easter egg! 

You may also want to buy some decorations, I bought Galaxy gold mini eggs, the traditional mini eggs, I think sprinkles would be a cute decoration or if you want to be even more extra, you could add Malteaser bunnies! 

Anyway, let’s get started! 


  • First, you need to break your Easter eggs in half, I’d recommend you freeze your Easter eggs, we found that the chocolate at room temperature kept melting when we tried to break it in half, in fact all our eggs broke *TIP* if you’re as unfortunate as us to break ALL your eggs, then you can use a match the melt the edge of your egg and melt the broken pieces back together! Problem solved! UPDATED TIP: My friend just recommended heating up the knife before cutting into your egg! 
  • Then break up your digestive biscuits into crumbs, ideally, they need to be really fine and not large lumps. I used my rolling pin to break up the biscuits, you could use a ziplock bag and rag that around, that’s what I would do as a kid, be careful though, the bag can rip. 
  • Melt your butter, I melted my butter in the microwave. 
  • Add the butter to your biscuit crumbs and mix them together until all the crumbs are covered. 
  • Then add the biscuit mixture to the bottom of your Easter eggs, add as much or as little as you like! Once you’ve added the mixture, flatten it down and put it in the fridge to set. 
  • Whilst they’re setting in the fridge, get your big mixing bowl out (I originally put bowel, please do not mix your bowel or use your bowel in this recipe) and pour your double cream into the bowl and mix until the cream is thick. 
  • Add in the soft cheese, mix in and use an electric mixer too, to thicken the mix. 
  • Add the icing sugar, my tip is to mix then taste, then add more if necessary and mix. 
  • Then add vanilla extract, same again, add to taste. 
  • Take your Easter eggs out of the fridge and add the cheesecake mixture to your egg and pop that back into the fridge for the mix to further firm up. 
I then left it in the fridge overnight, I would recommend at least leaving it to set for a few hours. 

Now it is time to decorate, you can take free reign here! Go mad, add what you like! I’ll insert some shots of mine and Aaron’s eggs, mine is the one with the golden eggs around the edge. 

I hope this inspired you to try this out for yourself! I also hope you enjoyed your cheesecake filled Easter eggs if you did make them! If you did make these, then please send me pictures, I would love to see your delicious creations!

I'll link my video here! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel too! That would be muchly appreciated!

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