What we ate in London! (THE BEST LOBSTER ???)

Aaron and I recently went to London!

It was my first time going to London, which always shocks people, especially American's,  (when we went to the Caribbean, we visited Aruba, Aaron and I were getting cocktails at the Pelican's nest, and we met a couple from Brooklyn and they were asking if we were from London, so we told them we were from Yorkshire (no point specifying where in Yorkshire, let's be honest, it's not the most well known) and we told them that Yorkshire was up North, which they asked if that was near where Will and Kate live... Unless, they're getting confused with St. Andrews in Scotland, which is the University where Will and Kate met each other (it's also the University that my cousin goes to), but yeah, it's pretty shocking that I'm 20 years old and I haven't visited somewhere which is a 2 hour train ride away... Saying that I haven't visited most of the UK, never been to Liverpool, Newcastle, Birmingham, Lincon, Essex, the list could go on!


We stayed in this lovely hotel, which I regrettably didn't take any pictures of, it was the Ambassadors Bloomsbury Hotel, it was £105 for one night (was meant to be £195 for one night), this hotel was located near the British Museum and King's Cross Station, the room we had, had a good view of London, the room was lovely, both myself and Aaron slept like logs, we both woke up really refreshed, neither of us woke up in the night, in our room there was a coffee machine which came with the little coffee pods, of course, there was a kettle with tea bags, AND a HUGE bowl of fresh fruit, which was really impressive!

We didn't eat in the hotel's restaurant, but that is available if you wanted to.

Once we dropped out bags off at the hotel, Aaron and I went to the British Museum we had a look around, but we were both really hungry, we'd planned to go to a breakfast place called "Half Cup", but instead we decided to dine at the museum in their pizzeria, I had a chicken and mushroom pizza (this came without cheese, which I was a little gutted about) and Aaron had his staple of pepperoni, this pizza was nice, but kind of disappointing, it was £11 for one pizza and yeah, I didn't really rate it and I didn't take a picture of the pizza.

We then went shopping, it was super busy, my feet were killing as we did a lot of walking in London and I didn't wear suitable footwear, so we decided to stop at a McDonalds for some dinner, we had the pizza at bang on 12 o'clock, we got the McDonalds because we wouldn't be having our tea until 8:30pm, and I don't have a picture of the McDonalds either, but you can imagine what chicken nuggets and fries look like. The thing that was rather concerning about this particular McDonalds, was the sign stating that 'thieves operate in this area' I don't know if that's something I've not notice in our local McDonalds, but I've never seen a sign like that before, which was worrying!

We had the painful walk of walking back to our room, which we then relaxed together, then proceeded to get ready for our evening meal.
We went to an INCREDIBLE restaurant called 'Big Easy Bar B.Q & Crabshack' and omg, this food was amazing, the atmosphere was lovely, it had an American vibe to it (if you're looking for a quiet restaurant that plays classical music, then this isn't the place for you) The waitress we had was so lovely and she looked like Maisie Williams, she was so attentive, making sure we were happy with our meal, but not in an annoying way, but in a relaxed chilled way, it just had really good vibes!

Aaron and I had a sharing platter for our starter (Grand Appetizer Platter For 2), which contained; Voodoo chicken wings (too spicy for me), pit-smoked bar B.Q wings, bar B.Q  chopped ribs (Aaron ate these), chicken tenders, hush puppies, calamari (which were whole baby ones and rings) and deep fried jumbo shrimp! (you also get a selection of dipping sauces) All of it was delicious! (apart from the voodoo chicken being too spicy, which is a personal preference and I can't talk on behalf of the ribs, as I don't eat pork, but Aaron ate them and he ate them all, so he must have enjoyed them!) I would 100% recommend this starter, it was £22.90 for both of us, there was so much food too!
It was then time for our mains! As an Aaron and Cam tradition, we both ordered Lobster!
My meal was a 1.5-pound lobster, fries, and a side salad, this also came with a cocktail, I think I had a Strawberry Daiquiri, all of that for just £25! Which is amazing, the lobster was incredible, it was cooked to perfection, I know sometimes lobster can be a pain to remove from their shells, with this lobster it was effortless, the claws just came straight out whole! The meat was juicy, succulent and flavourful! Not chewy, tough or overcooked, it was perfect! The fries were delicious too, which Aaron helped me eat! I was so very happy with my meal! I once had Lobster in Manchester, in a restaurant called 'Steak and Lobster', which I do believe they have a chain in London too, the Lobster I had in Manchester was 2-pounds and cost £40, with this you also got a side salad and fries (no cocktail) and it was kind of shit in comparison to Big Easy, which makes Big Easy look even more impressive as there's a huge price difference, the staff at 'Steak and Lobster' were a little snobby and Aaron had the surf and turf at the Steak and Lobster, and his steak was tough and chewy! 
I wish the picture did it more justice!!! 

Aaron had the 300g fillet steak at Big Easy, which was £33, he then added on half a lobster for £15 and two giant shrimp for £6, so Aaron's meal was £54 in total (not including the £9 cocktail) This also looked extremely impressive, Aaron was so happy with his steak, he was so happy with his entire meal in fact!!! 

Our meal in total cost £127, this also includes a service charge. 
If you were to go to this restaurant and just order two lobster meals, that'll just be £50, including a cocktail each, which is amazing value for money! 

Aaron and I left the restaurant and as we walked back to our hotel we were still talking about how amazing the food was, to me, that's a very good sign! Couldn't recommend Big Easy enough! 

After our meal, we went to Tesco to buy some alcohol, the Tesco we went to had a very limited amount of spirts, so I ended up getting Archers and Fireball, and Aaron got a London dry gin, we then had a romantic night in our hotel room with a few drinks!

The next day we had to get ready to check out of our room, so we didn't go for breakfast, luckily, we had the fruit selection they left us! 

We checked out of our room at 12 o'clock and we headed straight to Pizza Union, Pizza Union is a small chain in London, basically, they make pizza from scratch and it's really cheap!
I had a chicken pizza for £5.95 and Aaron had a pepperoni pizza for £5.95, and we shared a garlic bread which was £2.95! Really can't complain, I enjoy thin pizza, Aaron would have prefered if it was a little thicker, but for the price, it was really good pizza! Pizza Union is located extremely near King's Cross station, so if you're hungry and have some time to kill before your train, then I would recommend Pizza Union, as it's cheap and has really quick service! 

After Pizza Union, we headed to Camden Market! Camden Market was super busy, but also so incredible to look at, so much art and graffiti, the stalls inside the market were unique and interesting!
In the outside area of the market is so many food stalls and vans, you are so spoilt for choice! As we'd just eaten pizza, we decided just to get a dessert, so we got MASSIVE DONUTS! My doughnut was a red velvet, Nutella filled doughnut and Aaron's was a chocolate topped, caramel filled doughnut, these were so delicious and a little pricey, they were £9 just for the 2 doughnuts! Neither of us could finish them!

When we'd finished exploring Camden Market, we went back to the hotel and collected our bags, we then spent some time thinking about where we should go to eat with what little time we had left. However, we went to the train station and found out our train home was cancelled, we ended up getting on an earlier train and had a Waitrose sandwich for our tea, not as impressive as the tea we had at Big Easy!

Overall, we had so amazing food in London, I think Big Easy definitely stole the show! I hope to go to London again in the future and try more of their amazing food!

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