Turning 21!

I just read through my turning 20 blog post and I thought I would give an up to date post, a tad late since my birthday was on the 27th February, and now it's the 14th of March (Also I just realised that on my turning 20 post it says 'I'm turning 20 tomorrow' but it says it was written on the 25/02/18, so I'm going to assume I wrote it on the 25th but uploaded it on the 26th) I didn't really enjoy my birthday last year, I was going through a rough time, Aaron took me too London, which I did enjoy but I do think I'm enjoyment was hindered by how negative and anxious I was feeling, I would love to go again to experience and enjoy what London has to offer to the fullest! I was feeling super negative about turning 21, I began looking at the past year and was really critical to myself but I'm lucky to have super supportive friends and partner who reassured me that I had achieved and done some amazing things since my last birthday.

Anyway, I'm 21!

I had an amazing birthday, Aaron's family planned a surprise party for me which was so lovely, because my birthday was on a Wednesday, it wasn't a crazy drunken party but it was perfect, all of Aaron's family were there, the Fowler's were there and my Nan and her boyfriend were there too, everyone kept saying how cute and lovely they are. (my nan and her boyfriend are so adorable together, elderly couple goals)

I started my birthday by going out for breakfast at Weatherspoons with my friends, Adam and Anna, I had eggs benedict without the ham, I didn't realise that they'd stopped doing eggs royale and it's upsetting. I also had some pancakes because it was my birthday and that's what I wanted. I then went to their house and watched the other women.  Adam walked me home and the entire day he didn't say anything about the party, I don't know how him and Anna kept their cool, but I know that I would have struggled.
The entire day I was under the assumption that Aaron was taking me out for a nice meal in a surprise location but we needed to go to his dad's first as they insisted that I needed to pick up my birthday card on the day of my birthday, I didn't really think much of this until we were walking down their drive and I saw loads of cars and my Nan's boyfriend's van, which I then looked at Aaron and said "we're not going out for a meal are we?", he didn't really respond, I assume he was panicking as he didn't want the surprise to be spoiled, we then entered his dads house and even though I was suspicious I was still really shocked and surprised when I saw everyone there and they were all looking at me and filming, I didn't know what to do, I've never really had a party like this before, so I just looked at everyone.  Andrea (Aaron's step mum) made everyone wonderful food, curries, chili, lasagna and vegetable lasagna, garlic bread, baked potatoes, and nibbles, she also made me a beautiful birthday cake, which she claimed that it didn't go to plan, but it looked and tasted pretty good to me. I was ridiculously spoilt and overwhelmed (in a good way)

My birthday celebrations continued through the week and the weekend, Aaron did have a surprise meal planned for the Saturday, he did keep it secret but he had to ask me if I would be wanting lobster or not because the lobster had to be pre-ordered, obviously, I wanted lobster!
The restaurant he took me to was called 'The Mediterranean Restaurant' which is located in Sheffield and omg, it was amazing! For starters we shared crispy squid and crab in a Thermidor sauce, then our main meal stole the show, we were just expecting a lobster each, maybe some sides, but how wrong were we! Despite only pre-ordering 2 lobsters, they gave us 3! I had 1 and a half, as did Aaron, this also came with mussels, prawns, clams and razor clams, in a creamy garlic sauce AND  a side of dauphinoise potatoes and vegetables. I 100% recommend coming here, even the gentleman on the table next to us could stop admiring our food and I think the lobster was £37.99 each, which isn't bad considering how much seafood you get!

Aaron also planned for us to go to Scarborough, of course, we had to plan to go to the seaside when storm Freya was afoot! We both were so hungry when we arrived as we'd not had any breakfast and it was lunch time, we went to a fish and chips restaurant called 'Winking Willy's' and no, we didn't go there because of the name! I ordered my meal and then last minute Aaron copied me, he was going to have scampi, he then woke up and saw that I was making good food choices as I had ordered Willy's Super Six, which contains; Lemon Sole, Cod, Haddock, Monk Fish, Scampi and chips! (I would say 8/10 times that we go out to eat, we order the same thing, it's not intentional, we're just fish people)

Once we had devoured our food, we went to the arcades, Aaron taught me all the tricks of the 2p machines, apparently, you don't put the 2p's in at random and there's a technique to it! We also went to an ice-cream parlour and had waffles with ice-cream, we walked along the seafront for a little while, then the weather just kept getting worse, so we decided to pick up some seaside donuts and headed home (I have a huge love for seaside donuts, it's a food I frequently crave)

I'm aware of how super lucky I am to have been spoilt so much, I had an incredible birthday!
I've been 21 for a couple of weeks now and it's already been awesome, I got a new job which I'm super excited about and I've also spent time with friends and I generally feel really positive and happy!

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