Positive Life Update!

Hi Lovelies,

I haven’t done a life update for quite some time!

I planned on writing and uploading this post last week, as it was my first week off since starting at my new job (Not really new since I started in March) however, both my partner and I were ill, there’s a bug going around, I feel like everyone local to me has had it or knows someone who has, but I think I’m on the tail end of it, just an annoying cough and sore throat to deal with now! Happy to say that’s the only negative thing I have to say for this post!

As I just mentioned, I started a new job in March and I love it!
I enjoy the job itself and the people I work with!
I previously worked in a call centre *gip* and I hated every second, I was paid £8.70 per hour, I knew I wasn’t staying there long as it was just a job so I could pay my rent, bills, and generally live a debt free life and still be able to enjoy myself, until finding a job that I enjoy (I worked there for about 10 months)
*Advice* I would suggest not working for a call centre if you are sensitive e.g. a Pisces (like me) or if you suffer with a mental health (like me)  or don’t want to listen to low lives asking for money and kicking off when you tell them no. I worked for a popular energy company in their prepayment department (people who pay for their energy by topping up their meters at the shops, so glad I pay mine by direct debit) I once had a lady call and ask for money for her electric as she couldn’t afford it, whilst she was asking a shop keeper for cigarettes, which is frustrating since there were genuinely desperate people who are going through a tough time and need financial help.

I love my new job which is at a bank/finance company, I now earn more money, no longer in a call centre and I work with lovely people who I connect with, have a laugh with, we went on a work night out two weeks back which was probably one of the best nights out I’ve had in a long time, turns out I shouldn’t do tequila shots as they get me druuunk!

In other positive news, Aaron and I have practically finished saving for a deposit for a house!
When I say practically, we have the deposit, we just need to save a couple hundred more for the additional fees!
We’ve been viewing houses but yet to find the one, we viewed a house last Saturday which was almost perfect, 3 bed semi detached house with a conservatory and huge kitchen, but the street it was on was letting it down, so we made the decision not to put an offer in, but we have a mortgage in principal ready for when we do find the house we want to buy!
If you’re currently saving for a mortgage, I would suggest getting an help to buy ISA, both my partner and I have one, which is basically an additional £100 per month towards our mortgage deposit!

And one last bit of good news is that Aaron got promoted at work! He’s now a lead engineer! I’m so proud of him and so glad that his hard work has paid off!

I’ve also been looking back at my blog content, when I started blogging I did a lot of makeup, unboxing’s and diet related stuff, and I would like to create content that now interests me, such as home cooked meal recipes, our mortgage process, home improvements and there’s something I’m planning for next year that I’d like to blog the process of ( o Y o )

Thank you for reading!

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