Meeting My Little Sister

Today I’m sharing a rather personal post, but an extremely exciting personal post,

On Saturday I met my little sister after almost 9 years!!

I feel like I need to give a little context here, my dad had a baby with my little sister’s mum when I was 12, not long after I’d turned 13 and my little sister was 10 months old, they both left, leaving me and my dad behind. A month or so after that I left my dad also. So basically I haven’t seen my dad, my little sister or her mum since I was 13.

The situation with my dad was extremely toxic (he was controlling, manipulative, aggressive and a drunk) this was not a safe environment for anyone so that’s why they left, my sister’s mum has since told me that she felt bad about leaving me but had to do what was best for my sister and to protect her, which I completely understand and commend her for doing so.

When my sister left, I had no way of contacting her, I was young (13) and had no support during this time, as a result I did grieve for her for a long time, I understand grieving is associated with death but that’s how I felt, I knew she was safe which would comfort me but I felt heavy sorrow about not seeing her, hearing from them, not knowing if she knew about me or not.
I then sent her mum a friend request on Facebook, she accepted, we we’re friends on Facebook for years and didn’t talk, I was just happy that I got to see pictures of my sister growing up and looking happy, I also didn’t want to message her first as I didn’t know my sister’s family situation as her mum had a new partner and I wasn’t sure if she was raised to think he was her dad and that would cause huge confusion if I came into the picture.

On Sunday 6th October, I was in HMV with my partner Aaron, stood near the horror and anime section and suddenly got a message from my little sister’s mum, I didn’t read it straight away because I was in shock really, and waited till I was in the car to read it, I also had 1% battery so I couldn’t even reply once I read it but the message basically said that my sister has always known who I am and has begun to ask questions about me and asked if I wanted to meet up!
I was so nervous, scared but so excited! I was scared that they would cancel or that my sister wouldn’t like me and I’d be hurt again, but I knew I’d only regret it if I didn’t and I was so excited, so we arranged to meet on Saturday 12th October!

I bought her a Build-a-Bear rabbit, as I bought her a rabbit when she was a baby, when she left I kept it so I had something to remember her by (I still have this rabbit and is alway on display) so I bought her a new rabbit!
We met at Hollywood Bowl in Sheffield, something fun to break to ice and the fact she’s 9, a sit down meal straight away might be too intense, we had such a laugh and I got a chance to talk to her and we both bonded over our mutual love of seafood! She kept referring to me as her sister and it just melted my heart! After bowling we went to Pizza Express, when her pizza arrived she only wanted me to cut it for her, she also ordered an anchovy pizza, further proving her love of seafood! She wanted me to play the games on the kids menu with her, and when we went to Starbucks she felt comfortable enough to stick her finger in the whip cream in my drink and then proceeding to drink my drink and steal the cinnamon from Aaron’s drink, I loved this, I loved how comfortable she was around me, like I’d always been there, like we’d always had a sisterly bond!
She has a massive personality and it was amazing to see the person she has grown to be, she’s also so funny and honest!

When in Starbucks, Aaron, my sister and her mum went to order drinks, my sister’s mum offered to pay for them, Aaron asked if she was sure and my sister quickly responded by saying ‘that’s what sisters do for each other’ MY HEART, she also responded for me when her mum asked if I wanted to meet up with them again (YES!) and when it was time to leave she tried to find other things for us to do so that she didn’t have to leave me yet.

It honestly couldn’t have gone better, I had a huge smile on my face the entire time, my jaw was actually aching from smiling too much! We were all laughing all day, Aaron and I enjoyed the company of my sister’s mum and step dad, it felt like we could have a good time with them without my sister, although naturally I’d prefer that my sister be there haha, but it was all in all an extremely special day! I still feel on cloud nine!

But yeah, I just wanted to share that my little sister is back in my life after almost 9 years of being apart! And share an insight to what happened when we met!
I can’t wait to see what will happen in the future and I’m excited to create new memories with her!

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