We’re buying a house! Finally!

The exciting moment finally happened on the 18th January.... ‘I think this is the one’ ‘We should put an offer on this house?’ After looking for almost a year and not liking any of the houses we viewed, this was massive moment for us.

When I say we didn’t like any of the houses we viewed I actually mean there was something we didn’t like or there was something missing, and we were extremely picky but this house has ticked all the boxes!

When we were looking for a house we either wanted a detached house or a semi detached house, we also wanted a house with 3 or more bedrooms, a separate dining room (not a dining room table that’s in the same room as the kitchen, nothing wrong with that, just something I really wanted was separate room for my dining room table), a garage and a utility (the house we currently rent has the washing machine under the stairs and I’ve much preferred it being hidden away than being in the kitchen, so I was pretty keen for a utility room)
Of course it’s not just the house itself that we were picky about but also the area, I’m going to be blunt, South Yorkshire has a lot of rough areas for example Barnsley, where I’m from and Doncaster where my partner is from, but within those rough areas is nice countryside spots and little estates that’s are cute and not rough but the houses in those areas cost more, and aren’t up for sale often! However, we were fortunate enough to find a house in one of those areas in our budget!

The house we have finally put an offer on is perfect for us, field views, tucked away, quiet, not too far from Aaron’s Family! The house is a 4 bedroom detached house with a garage AND a dining room and a utility, I’m still extremely excited about having a utility! Boxes are definitely ticked! I’m so glad we were patient and didn’t rush into the first house we kinda of liked and didn’t settle!

At the moment everything is still being processed, our mortgage has been accepted subject to the property valuation, which means the bank are happy to lend myself and Aaron the money based on us (credit scores, earnings, etc.) but they need to inspect the property to see if it’s worth the amount we’re buying it for. We are using a mortgage advisor and I would 100% recommend first time buyers to use one, he’s been so helpful, taken away so much stress, panic, confusion and explained every step to us, as first time buyers it’s expected for us to have no clue and people will try to take advantage of that, for example, the estate agents for the house said that their mortgage fees cost £700 (they didn’t explain what mortgage fees were but it’s basically a mortgage advisor) and that a good solicitor that will work with them will be £1700 so that’s £2400 before you even pay for your house deposit! The solicitors we have found will probably be £1200 as an additional checks are need (£100 to claim help to buy isa funds) and the mortgage advisor we are using has been recommended to us by Aaron’s dad and people Aaron works with and his fees are £395 so £1595, a considerable price jump for the same service.

But yeah, it’s an exciting time for us! Just waiting on hearing back regarding the valuation, the solicitors have all the paper work they need from us so far, it’s very much a waiting game now!

Seeing STC on zoopla and Rightmove is the best feeling!

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