We’re getting married!

Happy 2021 Everyone! 

Yes! I have come out of blogger hiding, 2020 made me feel so uninspired, I didn’t want to write anything, it was pretty shit really. 

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom though! We bought our first home at the start of the year, travelled to Rome and the Isle of Wight, made the most of what we could and the whole purpose of this post... WE GOT ENGAGED! 

After almost 4 and half years of being together, he finally popped the question! He proposed on the 20th December 2020 in one of our favourite restaurants (Loch Fyne) and of course I said yes! 

Aaron had the ring for months but was waiting for the perfect moment to propose. Because of the lockdown and restrictions, he didn’t get many opportunities to take advantage of for the special moment. I had no idea about this, I’m so surprised that he managed to keep his plan’s secret for so long! And his mum and brother knew! I’m even more surprised that his mum didn’t say anything! 

The entire day we spent talking about the last few Christmas presents we needed to buy and what we should get for people, Aaron really emphasised that we needed to really focus on these presents, so all I had on my mind was Christmas presents! Which was a rather clever idea because I didn’t expect a proposal at all, the only reason I did my nails was because I was leaving the house to go somewhere nicer than the supermarket! 

The restaurant was completely empty, which was perfect as I was able to give my true reaction without the fear of people looking at me and made the whole proposal more intimate! I won’t go into detail about what Aaron said whilst proposing, although I’m an open book, I like to keep some special moments to myself, but I can assure you that he said all kinds of lovely, romantic, and emotional things. I, of course, started crying and laughing at him as he stood up to come over to me to get down on one knee, he proposed with a geode style ring box, with a beautiful rose-gold, diamond, and morganite ring (morganite is one of my favourites!) It is the most perfect ring for me! 

We immediately started wedding planning, looking and researching venues, we viewed a couple venues and a few we had booked to view were cancelled due to the national lockdown, which is understandable. We were extremely fortunate to find the venue we loved so quickly, as you can imagine a lot of venues are busy for the next few years because of all the Covid rescheduling! But we got the exact date we wanted! 

So far we’ve booked the venue & photographer! I’ve chosen my maid of honour and bridesmaids as well! At the moment it’s just a case of saving up and thinking about all the things I’d like for the wedding, my dress, suits, bridesmaid dresses, decor! And I’m loving the planning and organising, people joke about how organised I am, not ironically either, I just love planning! 

I’m so excited to be Mrs Mason! I’ll be sure to document the process! 

I hope 2021 is being kind to everyone so far! 

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