Goodbye for now

 I started blogging years ago as a form of escapism, somewhere to go to focus my thoughts elsewhere whilst my metal health was at a massive decline,

It was a huge help, I’d spend hours writing blog posts, blocking the world around me out, although some never got uploaded or have been deleted since, but it gave me a sense of belonging in the blogger community when I felt so alone and lost, 

I’ve met some wonderful people in the blogging community, either that be online or at blogging events, and despite not blogging anymore or uploading regularly, i still feel connected to the people I have met and love to see their fabulous faces when they pop up on my social media, 

My blog became my friend itself in some weird way, writing to my blog about things I’d probably tell my friends about, what I was experiencing at the time, how I was feeling, opening up about my metal health, venting, grief, and loss, but also sharing what I was excited for, such as where I have been, my relationship, what I’d bought and so on, 

I wanted my blog to be somewhere approachable, where people can relate and not feel judged, or feel like someone else understands how they feel and they’re not alone, I wanted to share advice that helped me in hopes of helping others, I’ve always had to figure a lot out myself and I knew how hard it can be. 

My blog stopped being a safe space for me and that’s basically when my posts started to decline. 

I still tried to blog, but it just wasn’t the same, I still tried to share the moments I was excited for, such as saving and buying my home, holidays, seeing my little sister, I was even hoping to share my wedding planning and what I’m trying to do to help with my PCOS, but I don’t really have the time to blog, I started a new job back in 2020 and I work long hours most days, I never leave work on time lol, 5 days a week, which means my weekend is for cleaning, laundry and spending time with my partner, family, and friends, and in a flash it’s Monday again. 

I may still share a post from time to time, but I’m finally admitting to myself that I’ll most likely never be able to blog as regularly as I used to, but this is a good thing, I no longer feel like I need this as a place to escape from the world or as someone to talk to, 

I’ll always be grateful for my little blog and all the joy it did bring to me, and all the lovely messages I received from the very small audience I had haha, 

But yeah, Goodbye for now, I may post again randomly or not at all. Nevertheless, thank you for reading. 


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