Little Exciting Update! (PUPPERS)

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick update! 

We're getting another dog! We're getting a Dogue de Bordeaux! He's still tiny, we're supposed to be getting him next week and we're calling him Wallace! 

He's ridiculously cute and has wrinkles, oh my heart. *sooooobbsss*
I have another dog called Tilly and she's a German Shepherd, she's just turned 3 years old, I've been brought up with German Shepherds all my life, never not had a German Shepard, (Tilly is  mine and my Nan's dog), even though I love German Shepherds so much, I'm excited to have a different breed of dog, I've had a Rottweiler too, when I was younger at my mums, but yeah, a Dogue de Bordeaux, sounds so fancy too!

We've been contemplating getting another dog for awhile, my dad really struggled with the death of our last dog, since we'd had him so long, our Rottweiler, Tyson, my dad loved him so much and wasn't ready for a new dog until now! Even though my dad works away, and will rarely see him.
(For those that don't know, when I say dad, he's not my biological dad, he's technically my step-dad, but he brought me up, and doesn't treat me like shit, unlike my real dad lol, I often forget that he's not my 'real' dad)

Anyway! Expect puppy updates, I'd love to share his development from a puppy to an adult, and all the cool tricks and his behaviour progress. Most importantly, I'll be sharing pictures of him! 

I have limited pictures of Wallace, I only have the ones my mum took, she's not exactly good with technology, and I'll also share a picture of my German Shepherd, Tilly. 

 I can't wait to get a better picture of him for you all to see! and begin the puppy themed blog posts!!! EXCITING TIMES!
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and I hope you have a great day! xx