Tattoo Pain Rating!

This post is about my own tattoos, I'm going to put them in order, least painful, to most painful and I'll say why I found them painful.
Just remember, we all having different pain thresholds. 

  1. My Spitfire and Floral Thigh Piece,    

I was very chill whilst having this tattoo done, for the most part, it didn't really hurt at all, this could be because I have thicker thighs.
Having the outline done was a walk in the park, I was only tattooed for an hour and a half in that session as he had another appointment afterward, the outline was painless 1/10.
The colouring/shading didn't hurt much either, the second session he did the Spitfire and the leaves, it took awhile to do the Spitfire because of the different shades of greens and small details, if you were to see it in person then it may be more clear, when he was nearly done tattooing my Spitfire, it was a little uncomfortable and sore then, naturally, as he was tattooing near and on freshly tattooed skin, I would rate the pain towards the end a 4/10, I gripped the bench a little bit, but it was definantly managable and I could still have a conversation.
The leaves were a walk in the park too, he did the leaves after the plane, so I could have been relieved from the pain I'd just felt haha. 
Then in the final session, he filled in all of the flowers and added in final details, the flowers were fine, the flower and berries near my knee hurt more and the rose and berries near my hip hurt more, any area that felt like it was closer to the bone hurt more, but it still wasn't that bad, again, I would say 4/10 for pain.
The most painful part of this entire tattoo was the white highlight, the tattoo was technically complete, it was just added highlight, I HATED EVERY SECOND OF THE HIGHLIGHT,
I remember describing it as lasers and fire cutting your skin, the reason why it hurt so much was because I'd been sat there hours, so my skin was sore and tender, I was tired and then he tattooed over freshly tattooed/near tender skin and it hurt a lot, 8/10. 
Overall, most of this tattoo did not hurt and was an enjoyable experience, I was told by a different artist who did one of my other tattoos, that the guy who did this tattoo was known for how gentle he is at tattooing, so that could be another contributing factor to as why it wasn't super painful. 

2. My Boldly Coloured Flowers

This tattoo was and wasn't painful, what I mean by that is, the outline didn't hurt at all, the leaves did not hurt at all, the colouring of the flowers did hurt.
This was my first ever tattoo, it's big, and an apprentice did it (she is good though and lovely)
The reason why I think it was painful was because she went to deep into my skin, a lot of the outlines of my tattoo are raised, this happens when the artist goes too deep, she was also an apprentice, so it took her a long time, honestly, I'd rather a tattoo artist take their time than rush, I don't want rushed work. It took her a long time to do the outline and the leaves, she didn't spend as long colouring the flowers, it took 7 hours to complete this tattoo, I did it in one sitting, and that's the biggest reason why it hurt, the last 3-2 hours, I was not happy, gripping the table, but I could still talk, I wasn't pulling 'pain faces', I would rate the outline and leaves like a 2/10, I would rate the colouring in of the flowers 8/10. 
Sitting 7 hours for a tattoo is bad ass, but not easy, especially for your first tattoo! 

3. My Peony Under Butt Tattoo

The guy who did this tattoo was the guy who commented on the other guy's gentle touch and then warned me that he was not gentle.
I was also on my period when I had this tattoo done, can periods effect pain threshold? I don't know, maybe, so I'm just throwing that out there.
This tattoo was very quick, it took 2 and a half hours for the entire tattoo, I did it in one sitting, no problems.
Most of this tattoo was fine, I could tell by what he meant by he wasn't as gentle, I could tell he was going to town and was a little heavy-handed.
Most of this tattoo was fine, but at one point, I turned around and said to him, ' I feel like such a little bitch, why does this hurt so much', when I said that he was tattooing the bit going towards my inner thigh, butt, and crease area, and that hurts, he began telling me about how much it sucks to get tattooed there, and most people respond that way, he began telling me about how he'd recently tattooed his friend there and they responded that way (his friend was a tattoo person) 
I would rate the most of the flower a 5/10 pain rating, but the crease and inner section a 7/10.
The reason I put this in 3rd position is because it was a 'quick' tattoo and I'm normally fine after 2 and a half hours into being tattooed, but it hurt and I don't normally say anything regarding pain to my artist, to me that just shows that it was giving me discomfort and was hurting me 

4. Tiny Alien Head

I just had to quickly take this picture as I no longer have any saved pictures of this tattoo... because I don't like it. 
I just want to say that I love all my other tattoo and put a lot of thought into getting them, so I knew that I 100% wanted them and I still love them.
This tattoo, however, I got with an old friend, she has her alien head on her finger, mines on my foot/ankle, we got it because we were both really into tattoos, we thought it would be cool idea, we wanted an alien because we were a little weird and we thought an alien would represent us nicely, I'm no longer friends with her, but that's that.
I often forget that this tattoo exists on my body because it's so small and in a place I never really look at! I don't even remember the name of the place or the name of the person who did this tattoo.
This tattoo took a minute to do, and it was a very painful minute, I just recall hating every second of having this tattoo done, it was the longest minute ever! I think my feet are rather boney and that the skin on my feet is kind of thin, that's why I think it was so painful.
FUN FACT: I'm currently talking to a lady about her tattooing my foot, she wanted me in soon, but I'm going on holiday, so I requested to have it done it May, I assume it will be super painful.

I hope you found that interesting! I do have more tattoos planned for the future like I just said about the foot tattoo, I have a feeling that will be my most painful tattoo.

Overall, I personally don't mind being tattooed, I actually really look forward to it and enjoy myself, I would rather have a tattoo done than have a piercing done, that's coming from someone with 12 piercing including a septum piercing. 


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