What I ate | 8th May- 14th May

Hello Everybody!

I've had a lot of anxiety and I've been a little bit down too, so I've been sleeping a lot and not been eating much, my anxiety affects my appetite, where I just can't be bothered to eat.

One thing I always fail to mention in my 'What I Ate', is that I drink up to 2-3 liters of water a day, I have a 1.5 liter bottle of water which I fill up twice a day and when I'm out I take a smaller bottle of water with me, which I refill. I pee a lot regardless how much I drink, so it works for me haha.
I also drink green tea when I can/ remember too, however, I also take green tea supplement.

Monday 8th May 

On Monday I wasn't feeling too great, but I encouraged myself to go to the gym, I probably shouldn't have done that as I gradually felt worse and worse throughout the day, extremely tired, lightheaded, my temperature kept fluctuating, nausea, and stomachache.

I had my lunch after my shower, which consisted of two eggs scrambled, mushrooms and peas.

I had an evening shift at work, I hoped whatever I was experiencing would clear up before then, I was drinking plenty of water, but it didn't work, and I called in sick to work for the first time, I've been working there nearly a year. I've covered plenty of other people's sick shifts and didn't mind at all, but I felt so guilty for calling in.

Later on that evening I had Heinz spaghetti hoops because I felt like shit and really didn't want to cook.

My lunch was 182 calories.
The spaghetti hoops were 210 calories.

Tuesday 9th May

On Tuesday I was still feeling kind of under the weather, so I slept a lot, eventually, when I got up I had my lunch, I really didn't feel like cooking, so I quickly made some cauliflower and peas, and ate them with a bbq pre-cooked chicken drumsticks, I then got ready and went to work.
Once I was home from work I wrote my York blog, I was going to go to the gym, but instead, I did some stomach exercises in my room and hula-hooped with my weighted hoop.
I did eat rather late, which I hate doing, but I was in such a nibble mood, and I was craving cereal, so I had Jordan's crunchy oat granola, raisin & almond, I put cinnamon on top and red top milk.

My lunch was 194 calories.
My tea was 187 calories, which is 45g of the granola.

Wednesday 10th May 

My anxiety was bad on this particular day so I didn't eat much, but I did manage to get out of the house and do a quick food shop (which I've done a blog post about), which is better than laying in bed I suppose.
For lunch I had garlic prawns, mixed veg, and mushrooms, it tasted amazing, definitely one of my favourite meals to have. And I also had a low-calorie ice lolly.
I then went to work, once I was home from work I went to the gym, showered, did a blog post and went to bed.

My lunch was 146 calories.
And my ice lolly was 29 calories.

Thursday 11th May 

On Thursday I had two boiled eggs for lunch, with mixed vegetables and mushrooms, which I enjoyed, simple easy meal, but really good, I honestly can't remember what I did on Thursday, but as always, after my lunch, I went to work.

Once I was home from work, I was kind of hungry but I was way too tired to cook, so I just had a Weight Watchers, chicken soup. Then I most likely went to bed haha.

My lunch was 184 calories.
And my soup was 92 calories.

Friday 12th May

On Friday, I was having another anxious day, so I didn't eat much, for lunch I had Quorn chicken and vegetables, and that's all I ate that day, I went to work, the to the gym in attempt to release the tension and anxiety, but it didn't work and I ended up just being sad in bed, as always haha.

My lunch was 146 calories.

Sunday 13th May (contains cheat food, don't judge, we all need a treat after a hard week) 

Sunday I was at Aaron's dad's house, we started the day by watching 'A Monster Calls' if you've ever lost a family member to cancer, then this film will do more than just tug on your heart strings, I sob every time, but it's an amazing film that portrays the emotions we feel but don't allow others to see, during that hard time, it does that perfectly.

We then had breakfast, at lunch time, I had eggs, beans, and mushrooms in a wrap, and I made Aaron, bacon, beans, mushrooms and toast.

Later on that evening we went to Aaron's mum's house, and we were feeling lazy, and both had a huge Dominos craving..... so we got Dominos, and it was amazing, I left half of mine, but it was still amazing. So we ate our Dominos whilst watching the first 'Guardians of the Galaxy', I prefer the second one more, I think that's purely for baby Groot though!

I'm not going to give a calorie count, as I don't know how much I ate, and lets just assume it's a lot more higher than my usual calorie count haha.

My pizza toppings were one-half; chicken, mushrooms and sweetcorn and the other half were; pineapple, peppers, tandoori chicken, and tuna. Trust me it tasted amazing, I'm aware I like the unpopular pizza toppings.

I'm sorry I've uploaded this late, but I've just been feeling exhausted as of late, I've been uploading pre-written blogs, just to make things a little easier for myself.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs, and I hope you have a great day! x