York 6/5/17

Hi Everyone!

Last Saturday, I went to York with my boyfriend, Aaron, and I thought I would write a little blog, just sharing our trip and some photos that we had taken.

I won't be talking about the food I ate at York, as that is on my other blog, Click here if you're interested in seeing what I ate.

As soon as Aaron and I got to York, we went straight to the Shambles!

It was half 8 in the morning, so we were ready for breakfast! I'm not normally a breakfast eater, but since we were having a little adventure, I thought I'd join in with breakfast, rather than just watching Aaron eating haha.

The place where we had breakfast was called, 'Shambles Tavern', but right outside was this amazing bakery stall, full of cakes, buns, brownies, biscuits and they all looked amazing, like the kind of treats you'd see on food porn sites! But they looked like a million calories per bite, so we didn't buy any, I low-key wish we had, but my diet and arteries thank me for not doing so!
We did take some pictures to remember them by.

Just look how heavily they look! That straight up just portrays my will power!!

Shambles Tavern was a cute, homely, and the whole atmosphere was very relaxed. 
And here's a picture of mine and Aaron's cup of tea from Shambles Tavern. 
And here's some selfies Aaron and I had taken whilst in the Shambles Tavern, I believe this is the first picture I've shared of myself on my blog! 

After we'd had breakfast we had a walk around the shambles and did some shopping, Aaron got an old charm, which was a goat horn I believe, we got this from a very quirky shop called Pandora's Box, they sell antiques, oddities, and some very strange items, you should definitely check it out, they have some very interesting items. 
Also on the shambles, we found a dog in a pram! I was very excited about this, the pram dog was by itself, I kept asking Aaron who the dog belonged too, and we were kind of lingering around this poor abandoned pram dog, I think the owner overheard me talking about his dog and got a little paranoid, and returned to his dog, which I instantly asked if we could take a picture. 
And here's a cute picture Aaron took of a bakery window. 

We then went to York's Chocolate Story, which is like a little tour, museum type thing, where they tell you York's chocolate history, which was rather interesting, we also got to try some vile things and some extremely delicious things, at the end of the tour we got to decorate a white chocolate circle, unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures of that, we only got one picture whilst we were there, which was a mirror shot of a women making chocolate. 

As soon as we left York's Chocolate Story, there was a street performer right outside, last time I came to York there was a different street performer in the same place, who juggled fire sticks if I remember correctly, this time there was a man on a unicycle, juggling knives! It was very impressive and he was also rather humorous.

Once we'd done being wowed by the sword man, we went did a little more shopping, then went for lunch, at the Loch Fyne, where Aaron managed to convince me to join in with the purchase on a £70 seafood platter, which it was pretty amazing, Aaron kept telling me that I was dining like a queen, and that's what I deserved, so that was nice, unless he was still trying to convince me to get this platter haha. and here's a cute picture of Aaron too. 
After our meal, we did some more walking around, site seeing, we went to York Minster, which costs £10 per person to enter, £10 to go into a church! Yes, it's a fancy church, but JESUS (pun intended). So we took a picture of the candles in the entrance, a picture of part of the Minster and a picture of me posing, and I hate posing for pictures. 

We then went to the Art Museum, they had so much beautiful art, makes me so envious of people that are so gifted with art, like Aaron for example, his art is amazing, but he doesn't do it as often as he should, a talent like that shouldn't be wasted! 
 After visiting York's Art Gallary, we went to Evil Eye Lounge, for cocktails, then the slug and lettuce (which I had a little rant about on my other blog post),  then we went to D'Vine for our tea, where I had too many cocktails, and then Aaron and I got the train home. And that was our trip to York.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you have a great day! xx