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Hey Guys!

Aaron and I went for a little weekend away to Manchester, this was one of Aaron's birthday presents from me, I prepaid for our meal at Jamie's Italian, our hotel and our train tickets there and back from Manchester to Sheffield.

Aaron has a real passion for food, that's why I booked for us to go to Manchester since he kept mentioning that there were nice seafood restaurants there.
So we did spend a fair bit of money on food whilst there and really indulged ourselves.

On Friday the 18th August, I booked for us to go to Jamie's Italian for a three-course meal for lunch,
we picked two starters and shared them, we had our own main, then picked two desserts and shared them too!

For our starters we had, Fritto Misto, which is crispy fish and squid that's spiced, with a side of garlic and lemon aioli, our second starter was Truffle Tagliatelle, which was a small bowl of tagliatelle with truffle butter and shaved black truffle.

For our main, we both had British Crab Spaghetti, which was spaghetti with a tomato sauce, topped with crab.

Then for dessert, we had Epic Chocolate Brownie and Tiramisu.

All of the food was amazing, I would recommend Jamie's Italian. It was £36 for the entire meal.

After we checked into our hotel, we had a little lounge together, got showered and got ready for evening, we went to a restaurant called 'Steak and Lobster', I had a 2lb lobster and Aaron had the Surf n Turf, my lobster cost £40, and Aaron's cost £35, the drinks were also £9 each.
The food was amazing there, we both really enjoyed it, BUT, the lobster Aaron cooks for me at home, tastes so much better, this lobster was good, but Aaron's is so much more flavourful.

The following day we skipped breakfast and opted to relax in bed together instead, it's not very often we both get to relax together.

We then went shopping and grabbed lunch. Before going to Manchester, we had a look on TripAdvisor to find out what's the best place to go to for lunch, we were going to go to Pieminister, but it had a long wait, so instead we went to This n That, which looks so dodgy, it's in a scruffy alleyway, you feel like you're going to be mugged, but the food is so good, amazing food and a clean bathroom, but everything else looks shit.
My meal was £7.60, which contained rice, two meat different curries, a vegetable curry, an onion bhaji, a drink and a naan bread.

After we finished shopping, we went and collected our bags and went to the train station.
In Manchester Picadilly Station, there are a few restaurants to pick from, we decided to go to T.G.I's, I'd never been before so I was kind of excited. I had Jack Daniel's chicken and Aaron had fillet steak, for dessert, I had cookie dough cheesecake and Aaron had chocolate fudge cake.
We both had cocktails too, I didn't like mine since they made me the wrong drink, I ordered this frozen strawberry cocktail and they made me a frozen bubblegum cocktail.... no big deal, but I can't stand bubblegum, but I didn't complain or anything.

I really enjoyed my visit to Manchester, but now back to reality, I am missing the amazing food, much better than my usual sushi Boots meal deal!

Thanks for reading guys! x

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