Pretty Peony Tattoo


I love tattoos, that's just a fact about me. 

I want to create a new section on my blog that will allow me to talk about my tattoos, piercing and my overall interest in the tattoo/piercing community.

I have 4 tattoos, 3 of them being large, I plan on getting more tattoos. 
I also have 12 piercings, I don't plan on getting more. 

If you ever get the chance to look through my Instagram feed on my phone, you'd see, tattoos, boobs, bloggers, tattoo flash and tattoo artists, so as you can tell, my love from the tattoo community is strong.

So, let's get talking about my most recent tattoo! 

This is my 4th tattoo, it's a peony. 
I love flowers and plants a ridiculous amount, I think they are beautiful, they make everything better, don't like something? Stick a plant on it. 

I told myself that my next tattoo was NOT going to be a plant or flower, but here we are, with another flower tattoo. 
But, I'd been contemplating this tattoo for some time, I follow a guy on Instagram called Toby Burr, @tubbybeartattoo, I loved how colourful his work was, I noticed he tattooed a lot of peonies, all different colours and sizes, they all looked so cool. 
Then he uploaded some flash and my mind instantly thought, under butt peony. 
That peony, right there, needs to be under my butt. 

So I messaged him, he messaged me back, I paid my deposit, then on the 4th of November, I got my underbutt tattooed. 

The experience was a positive one, Toby is so comforting, down to earth, very easy to talk to, so funny, he kept making me laugh, which isn't the best idea when you're stabbing me with tiny needles! 

The day before I got my tattoo, I got my period, I was pissed, I don't get periods often because I'm on the pill, but sometimes every blue moon I get a period.
I felt like I needed to disclose this to my artist since he was going be tattooing nearing that region, he was so cool about and offered me period pain relief, which I initially thought he was joking, he wasn't. 

He made sure I was okay the entire time, we talked about our favourite tattoo artists on Instagram, about work, my work, his work, he kept calling me babes, sweetie, dude, but it wasn't creepy, it was in a chill, comforting, reassuring way. 

All the staff there were really nice, as soon as I got my thigh out, (Obviously, a lot was on display due to the placement of my new tattoo, which I don't mind, cheeky bit of thigh and a cheeky bit of booty) and straight away Toby noticed my large thigh piece and said something along the lines of 'Ah! Tom Ruki!' Tom Ruki is the name of the artist who did my large thigh piece, and when more artists entered the room they would say the same thing, 'Oh, Ruki!', 'Ruki!', 'Tom Ruki', I felt very special that everyone knew the artist who did my thigh and straight away recognised his work!

I went by myself, Aaron would normally come with me, but he went to see a band with his friends, despite being alone, there was no anxiety at all, anxiety stayed at home that day. Normally when I'm anxious, I pee a lot, I peed before he started tattooing me and I peed before I left, I didn't go to the toilet at all during the session. 

The session began at 11:45 and finished at 14:20, it was the quickest tattoo I've ever had (excluding my alien head which took seconds) 

I knew I wanted an autumn look on my peony, I told Toby a rough idea that I wanted autumn leaves with a purple and auburn peony, Toby suggested a different colour as he said that Auburn and purple clash, I took his advice and told him to do what he thought was best and I'm so glad he did, because the colours he did are gorgeous. 

Thank you for reading guys! Expect more Tattoo talk in future! 

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